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"A Human Reaction"

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Average Reader Score
Review by judernate

this is in my top 5 of all of Farscape it blew me away the first time i saw it and when i get others to watch i have them check in with me after seeing this episode to get there feeling on the show so far also its what i think the first step of many of John losing his mind

Review by Tip

Very cool, really hope to see more of The Ancients.

Review by Slender Means

Most of Farscape thus far has felt like a talented but crude rookie -- there have been a few good punches here and there, but also a lot more stumbling off balance, sloppy swings and a feeling of erratic quality, of disjointedness. This episode, for me, finally hints at maturation, a sense that the cast and writers are beginning to settle in and find a flowing rhythm. This is a great episode, and I agree with the reviewer in that it only just misses a 5.

Review by Tommy

A really good episode, and very, very important one, although we don't see the most important stuff at all. The whole concept is clever, exciting and different, and John's mental states are acted in a very believable way.

Review by Rory

There have been a number of excellent episodes already this season, but ‘A Human Reaction’ is undoubtedly the first that deserves to be remembered as an out and out classic. It’s nothing short of a masterpiece: an involving, riveting and beautifully written script is wonderfully brought to life by the outstanding performances, directing and music. Right from the emotional first act, where Crichton says his farewells, I knew that we were in for something special. Often I find the old scenario of ‘it was all just a dream’ exceedingly frustrating, but not so here: in fact, I was moved by the plight of the Ancients and it effectively sows the seeds for some pivotal storylines to come. From the emotional partings and reunions, the shocking murder of Rygel and the blossoming of Crichton’s relationship with Aeryn, this is a superb episode that fires on all cylinders.

Review by Ben

I don't have anything of significance to add. I just wanted to post another 5 for this terrific episode. Okay, I do have one thing: I really want to hear Aeryn speak Sebacian more often.

Review by dominar

"Are you with me or them?" This is the key of this briliant episode. And he is, of course, with her against hole Earth (well US army). And SEX. They did it! (Earth minus sunshine).

Review by TPS

A Human Reaction is the first true Farscape classic, the beginning of the arc even though the viewer doesn't know it yet in this point of the series. Which is very, very clever. Excellent acting all around and the episode also comes with truly excellent feel of paranoia.

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