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"Durka Returns"

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Review by Slender Means

The best episode so far, I think, and it came at just the right time, as I was beginning to wonder if I should stop watching the series. Chiani is a great new character, both in terms of writing and acting, and Durka himself was suitably ominous and, more importantly, smart. A strong, fast-paced episode.

Review by Tommy

This episode is brilliant! Chiana finally joins the crew and her debut is interesting and impressive, I liked the character immediately and she still is one of my favourites so I have to thank this episode for much! The brainwashing theme is very interesting and the plot has many exciting elements.

Review by Rory

This is actually the first episode of Farscape I ever saw and if I recall I was pretty impressed, in spite of knowing nothing about the characters or their backstory. It’s a taut drama filled with suspense and intrigue and the pace is consistent throughout. The directing is notably good (even though it is uniformly strong on Farscape), the script is well judged and the performances click nicely. Durka, only briefly glimpsed via flashback in ‘PK Tech Girl’, is a memorably chilling villain. And, of course, the episode is most noteworthy for introducing Chiana into the fold and an exceptionally fine addition to the cast she makes, too! Good stuff.

Review by TPS

The introduction of Chiana and that alone makes this a very special episode. Otherwose it's a pretty basic whodunnit murder mystery (which is actually never really solved) until Durka breaks out and starts to terrorize everybody. Nice action but Farscape can do better, as we will see.

Review by Steve "easterner" Ca

Awesome introduction to new character Chiana and re-introduction of earlier seen Durka. Interesting "Elvis" Nebari alien Salis who maintains quiet emotionless calm while "feelling up" Chiana in the guise of searching her for a connection to an event of which she obviously had no connection, walking hypocrisy.

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