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"Jeremiah Crichton"

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Average Reader Score
Review by James Picard

This was definitely the worst episode of Season 1. The premise has been done many other times, but better. None of the actors from the planet were convincing, and Rygel being the only one who could read it because the translator microbes wouldn't work is just stupid. Not to mention Crichton's character arc was completely unbelievable. He comes off as a complete jerk in the opening. Sure, being upset at D'Argo insulting him as one thing, but the way he treats Zahn afterwards is just despicable. She was just trying to help, and he just brushes her off AND turns the knife in the wound by reminding her that she's lost her abilities. Harsh. And after that, he goes and does the same thing to Aeryn, though at least there it makes a little more sense. But if you look closely at her face after he says he's sick of her, she looks really hurt. Guess 'The Flax' brought them closer than they thought. So after saying all these cruel things to the Moya crew, John leaves and gets stranded when Moya accidentally starbursts. But what happens when the crew finally finds him, three months later? He's mad for ONE scene, and then he's over it, and treats them normally again. Okay, I don't know about anyone else, but I think my relationships with these people would need a little more time to heal than just FIVE MINUTES! He was left there for THREE FRELLING MONTHS! Everything about this episode is stupid, and it's better off skipped. Goodness knows the writers decided to forget it.

Review by Harry

The plot structure and mechanics were way too similar to Star Trek TOS episode The Paradise Syndrome for anyone involved to not be aware. It felt like Farscape was doing a parody of ST. And then the god-awful inconsistent makeup! The Beard looked different in practically every shot. You could tell that sequences were shot on multiple days, as 2 shots within the same scene looked so dramatically different! The costumes were colorful eye-candy but totally nonsensical and impractical, and the casting...for a small community isolated for supposedly hundreds, if not thousands of years, there was a Rainbow of genotypes. Asian, African, European, very PC, but straining credulity to the breaking point. At no time after the first act was I able to maintain a willing suspension of disbelief to get through the episode. A truly cringe-worthy effort.

Review by Semirhage

This episode was pretty boring, but it CERTAINLY is not the worst of the first season, or even of the episodes so far. TGIF Again was an absolute abortion that I could never sit through the entirety of again, and B&B&B2tF and Rhapsody in Blue were not much better. This was only below average, not horrible.

Review by Philbert

I agree that this is the worst episode of season one, and in fact the worst of the entire series. The fact that the commentary for this episode on the dvds consists of Ben Browder, Claudia Black, David Kemper and Rockne O'Bannon sitting around and bashing the thing for 49 minutes pretty much sums up it up. Actually Claudia had the best persective on it-space shows that go to the native village NEVER work.

Review by Tommy

One of the worst of the season, simply because this concept has been done so many times; both Star Trek TOS and StarGate have done it better. The opening is great and I love Rygel in this, especially how we get to see some noble treats in him, but this is just kind of dull and I don't care much about the people of that planet

Review by John

Hey, this ain't Shakespeare. Thought it was as good as any other episode. Loved the Jeremiah Johnson reference. Me, I would would have stayed with the girl, but that wouldn't have done the series any good.

Review by Luke

This episode for me, was not just the worst out of season 1 but most probably the entire Farscape series, the only scene that grabbed my attention was the beggining before the intro, very, very poor and not what I have come to expect from a brilliant series like Farscape.

Review by Ben

This was quite a stinker. After John shows up on the beach, it seems Doug Heyes can't figure out what to do. In a series with so many memorable guests, this episode is full of utterly boring guest actors. Note to the creature shop: that lobster thing failed miserably. I'm compelled to give this episode a one. Even in the clunky episodes there is a terrific scene. This episode has none.

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