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"The Flax"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Tommy

This episode has both very good and some not so good elements, so it's hard to rate. I don't like the John/Aeryn story at all, that whole plot was cheap, old and cliched (complete with artificial respiration!) and seems like something a teen girl would write, so based on just that, I'd rate it a 2. But then we have the very entertaining and damn good subplots of Rygel and D'Argo, both of which are just a pleasure to watch, especially the hysterical 'female of her species' hitting on poor D'Argo... and I love how Rygel is smart and scheming in this episode and actually saves the day for once. In the end the good far outweighs the bad, so it deserves a 4.

Review by Rory

This is another great episode, with just the right balance of characterisation, plot and humour. The plot itself takes its cue from the age-old ‘stuck in an elevator’ cliché, but it affords some excellent character building for John and Aeryn and some startling developments in their relationship (first kiss! And nearly much more besides!). The two other storylines: Rygel trying to outwit the Zenetan pirates in a game of alien chess and D’Argo having to choose between saving Crichton and Aeryn and possibly finding his son. Not to mention being propositioned by a woman who looks like a man!

Review by Ben

How can you give this one less than a 5? Episodes where Aeryn and John have sparks rate a minimum of 4 automatically. This one had sparks and then some. Plus Rygel plays the thugs while Zhaan gets all worried. Plus D'Argo gets propositioned on a spaceship seemingly powered by steam. But most importantly John and Aeryn rip each other's space suits off.

Review by dominar

This ep is heaven for shippers. As on of them I rate it five

Review by dominar

Flax is real gem. John and Aeryn o the edge of death reveal their filings. And thet priceledd looks on their faces (somebody docking?!)

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