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"Rhapsody in Blue"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Vocalizer

This episodes takes a couple of viewings to get the root of it I feel. After having seen it again last night I picked up on the more subtle warnings regarding spirituality and self determination. Although this is all about Zhann, it is the old Delvian attending the sanctity root that really expresses the power of this episode. A cautionary tale of how emotion can drive people to do wrongful acts in the name of progress. Also unity makes me cry.

Review by The Sci-Fi Fanatic

Zhaan is a classic character and I love everything about her. She is one of my favorites despite the fact I have several. Taht said, this Zhaan-centric affair is slow at best. Many of the revelations were not as revelatory as some seemed to think given the information hinted to along the way to reach this point. Set designs, production, costumes are all splendid. The story simply lacks in pacing. They can't all be perfect. scifimusings.blogspot.com

Review by Tommy

Sort of interesting episode with its uniue feel, reveals some important things about Zhaan. She's one of my favourite characters so I liked the episode. However the episode was a bit hard to understand at times and I didn't get that much out of it. Again, not a fan of the psychich abilities of delvians. (Except for unity, which was beautiful.)

Review by Luke

Whilst I am very glad that we got some character development going for Zhann at long last, I found the plot incredibly tedious, overstretched and boring and the hallucanations that the crew experienced didnt add anything worth while to it, it really didnt semm to serve a purpose what so ever, this episode borders on a one for me and was only saved because of the character development with Zhann.

Review by Rory

Although she is one of my favourite characters, I have to say that I remain disappointed with this, the first Ė and one of very few Ė Zhaan-focussed episodes. The root of the problem lies in the muddled, disjointed script, which never quite builds momentum or makes you feel for the choices and conflicts that are fundamental to the story. Itís a meandering plod with a pace that starts and stops like a clapped out old car. I didnít care for the Crichton/Alex scenes, which were not only pointless but also ground the pace to a screeching halt every time. So, although it was interesting to fill in Zhaanís backstory and encounter some other Delvians for the first and only time in the series (complete with their blue rinse granny hairdos!) this is a disappointingly weak effort.

Review by george

Loved it Every well written and acted

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