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"They've Got a Secret"

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Average Reader Score
Review by Tommy

A solid episode, an important one too for Moya and D'Argo. A good, entertaining episode, but there's still much better to come and while I like D'Argo a lot, he's not one of the crewmembers I find most interesting, so it gets a solid 3.

Review by Rory

I find it difficult to rate this episode. It’s good. And it contains some pivotal developments in the show’s run. But somehow the two storylines (Moya’s strange behaviour and D’Argo’s delirium-induced revelations) don’t quite gel together. It’s an uneven episode, albeit one that contains the occasional spark of brilliance. I’m not quite sure I was convinced by D’Argo’s delirium: in terms of storytelling it seemed like a rather cheap, clichéd way to incorporate his backstory. All too often it slowed the momentum and pace of the episode, but that said it was still interesting piecing together his tragic history and thanks to Anthony Simcoe’s touching performance there is some genuine emotion at work. The revelation about Moya’s pregnancy is an inspired touch and one that promises plenty of potential for future storylines.

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