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"DNA Mad Scientist"

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Review by Mr Universe

This episode was certainly the darkest of the series so far, and truly showed how far the characters were willing to go to advance their own interests. The plot of this episode is very good, but Namtar isn't exactly the most original villain.

Review by Tommy

I'm with the majority here - this one is just brilliant and one of the best in season 1! The whole story is exciting, surprising and original. Definitely darker and more haunting than the previous episodes. I love the scene where they cut Pilot's arm because it's so surprising, in addition the ways in which Zhaan, D'Argo and Rygel try to solve the problem of whose home world gets visited first are very interesting and entertaining.

Review by Rory

A dark, demented, twisted episode that’s beautifully executed on just about every level. The scripting, performances, make-up, directing and sets all come together perfectly. It’s a visual feast and its packed with emotion and conflict. Namtar is an inspired concept (a lab rat that became smarter than – and proceeded to overthrow – its captors!) and the allusion to Nazi experiments gave an already chilling episode a decidedly more sinister undertone. John and Aeryn are beautifully characterised, but I was shocked by D’Argo and especially Zhaan’s behaviour. In the latter it seemed so far out of character as to make her seem unrecognisable (although I suppose the events of ‘That Old Black Magic’ might explain the resurgence of this darker side to her nature). A fantastic episode pumped with genuine emotion, and easily the finest episode on the series to this point.

Review by Shellix

Poor pilot, he really gets the short end of the shit stick sometimes, that episode scared the hell out of me. it was brilliantly done and interesting to see the crews carefully built alliance falling to pieces so easily.

Review by Raven

Any one notice the (Budong?) skull in the middle of the asteroid city? Just another way in which this episode forshadowed the tone of the series.

Review by dominar

Ah, Namtar (Ratman) devil in disguise. It's dark and grim and I like it that way. And of course happy face on the end (what can I say I'm shipper till the end)

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