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"PK Tech Girl"

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Review by rodjer

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Review by sammy

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Review by Eusebio Brady

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Review by Tommy

A quality episode, exciting and compelling. On the other hand there's way too much relationship drama. Gilina is a sympathetic and likeable character, but I really don't care for the romance at all, and not because I'm a shipper - John/Aeryn annoys and bores me even more. So I wish at least one of those ships would have gotten less attention, because without them this would have been an excellent episode. I do love Rygel's storyline which deepens the character and I just really appreciate the way they made him a 'real' character instead of just the funny little sidekick.

Review by Nicholas

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Review by Rory

‘PK Tech Girl’ is one of the stronger early episodes, featuring a well-realised plot, some solid characterisation and good action scenes. The Crichton/Aeryn/Gilina triangle is endearingly done, even if the bond between Crichton and Gilina seems a little forced. But it nevertheless allows for a deepening in Crichton’s relationship with Aeryn and features the first admission of an attraction between them. I was less than impressed by the Sheyang: they were too plodding and cartoonish to be effective villains, but that’s a small niggle in an otherwise solid episode. The directing, sets, lighting and special effects were all outstanding, the pace was nicely taut and the tension upheld throughout. All in all, this is a winner.

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