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"Thank God it's Friday. Again."

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Average Reader Score
Review by Brayon

There was so much going on here will they leave the farm, will Shane claim the baby, will they find Sophia, will Maggie defrost any time soon, will Shane snap aeadrly?I hope that Andrea loses interest in Shane for his temper tantrum. I loved that Maggie gave her consent to Glen to help kill the walkers. I cried when Sophia came out of the barn i felt the tug of a mom and the irony of the group killing Hershels loved ones and then having to off Sophia. I'll have more I'm sure but I'm still in awe of that episode.

Review by The Sci-Fi Fanatic

How this one could rate higher than Back And Back And Back.. is hard to fathom. This is slow by Farscape standards. Once again, there are always interesting moments, but this one is spare in those to be sure.

Review by Zedul

Ok, first the negative. I would like to point out that this was one of those sci-fi episodes that I have always hated. You know… we are all under mind control through some magic plant or drug or computer game, and so on. It’s so old and tired that it should be put to bed forever. Yet I can sit through this episode, why? Because the cast almost seems to be aware of the fact that this is another one of those sucky sci-fi plots and they seem to go deliberately out of their way to make fun of it. There is a refreshing bit of laugh out loud humor in this pigsty of an episode that allowed me to get through it without thinking I had completely wasted my time. Thank you Farscape cast!

Review by Tommy

Definitely an interesting episode with clear political message, leaves something to think about. I LOVE the weird, freaky ending with Rygel's exploding pee, because that's so uniquely Farscape. Yet this episode still lacks something and some parts feel a bit boring and dragging.

Review by Luke

Sorry guys, but I have to disagree with the majority. It was a very intresting concept, dont get me wrong, but it seemed to be as though it wanted to badly to be something written by George Orwell instead of a farscape episode, this, too me, was an episode that started of promising but quickly disintergrated into a tedious, boring mess.

Review by Rory

This is an enjoyable romp and just one of many Farscape episodes that involves a drug-induced sense of trippiness. The overall plot (an entire race subjugated by the Peacekeepers to grow a precious commodity) is well conceived with some pertinent moral undertones involving capitalism and exploitation. It’s well played, features some nice location work, good characterisation and some wonderful moments of humour. The Rygel scenes reinforce Farscape’s wacky, scatological sense of humour and they just barely pull off the climatic ‘pee scene’. The Aeryn-as-scientist subplot was a little overplayed for my taste, but otherwise this is an entertaining piece that contains just the right balance of plot, action, intrigue and comedy. Farscape is quickly finding its feet.

Review by TPS

I think this episode was the first time I thought: oh god, this is one weird tv-show. "Thank God..." really is the first Farscape trippy episode, but not last - "Won't Get Fooled Again", "Scratch 'n Sniff" and "John Quixote" would follow and be much better episodes than this. Still, this is an interesting and watchable episode excluding the Rygel exploding pee scene. Some great one-liners here.

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