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"Throne for a Loss"

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Average Reader Score
Review by The Sci-Fi Fanatic

I'm afraid, though you do allude to other aspects of Zhaan, you are oversimplifying her maternal side. There is much in play with Zhaan. Rygel is terrific and Jonathan Hardy was the perfect selection by Henson and company to play the part. He gets the best puppet ever award. Loads of sci-fi excitement. Like the old real estate adage, "location, location, location." Farscape is all about "character, character, character" and this is a fine example. It's also the reason Farscape will always deliver something interesting - detail to character and mythology. scifimusings.blogspot.com

Review by Tommy

Best one this far in the series, an action-full episode with interesting scenes about many characters, especially Zhaan, whose part is brilliant. The whole theme is good and represents typical Farscape with its realism/cynicism (when the guy returns to his drugs).

Review by Rory

Now this is just a fun outing, with plenty of action, superb character interaction and some deliciously sparky and witty dialogue. We get far more of a feel for the characters and the relationships that were briefly set up in the pilot are expanded upon here to great effect. Funny, fun and filled with zest, this is a great indicator of what’s to come.

Review by Lucius Hip

This episode left me cold. There just wasn't that woomph!-effect in this episode that there is in some others. The thing going on with Zhaan and the ugly creature was just boring, in my opinion, and I also tasted this "we do an episode where a drug helps Aeryn and Crichton so we'll need to make this medical it's-a-no-no -thing" -lecture in it. Okay, drugs are extremely bad, but I guess everyone knows that and the symptoms D'Argo, Aeryn and John had were big enough. Or something... I just didn't like this episode that much.

Review by Philly

Throne For A Loss is the first episode in which almost everything seemed to click better. The cast is getting more comfortable around one another so therefore, the performances are better. Plus, this episode is loaded up with memorable moments especially when Aeryn hits Crichton, a moment that had me laugh out loud. I liked the opening scene. The fast motion worked well but the scene took a bit of downfall when the weird rock music started playing. It sounded terrible. Overall, a solid ep. and the best one thus far.

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