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"Exodus from Genesis"

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Average Reader Score
Review by The Sci-Fi Fanatic

3.5. This is a solid genre outing. There are certainly classic sci-fi elements, but Farscape is so colorful always adds some nice twists. Plus, it's all about the characters and this show is loaded with terrific character. Solid.

Review by Tommy

A solid episode with many elements of suspense. All kinds of clones are pretty overused in science fiction, but when done well, always interesting and fun.

Review by farcape1

my only question is why didnt they just put ayrin in a transport pod or her prouwler

Review by Christopher Brown

An ok plot with great character development when watched in order Areyn starts to respect the crew as they didn't kill her as the Peacekeepers would after this episode she is openly helping them instead of reluctantly

Review by Rory

This is an episode that’s more notable for its solid characterisation than its hackneyed plot. It pastes together a number of familiar sci-fi/horror film clichés to middling effect and contains few if any real surprises. However, it’s still an enjoyable outing and it’s wonderful to watch the burgeoning relationships develop. John and Aeryn already seem to be developing a closeness, while there’s some welcome focus on the John/D’Argo and Aeryn/Pilot relationships as well. In fact, everyone gets a moment to shine, including Zhaan and Rygel, both of whom get ample opportunity to demonstrate their skills and resourcefulness. And the closing shot is absolutely beautiful.

Review by Lucius Hip

I loved this episode, it just glued me at the screen! I usually hate scifi shows, so maybe due to that I haven't come across the idea of this kind of cloning, at least yet, so it was fresh and interesting for me. I loved Aeryn's vulnerability and the fact that Crichton never said he could kill Aeryn saved the end from sugarity.

Review by Philly

Exodus from Genesis doesn't have a very good plot but the reason why it works is because there so many plot elements wether it be Aeryn's heat delirium, the bugs, the replicants, or the PK commandos. This is an episode I considered giving a 2 but decided it was still a pretty good episode. By the way, Aeryn was hot and I don't mean from the heat delirium.

Review by Steve "easterner" Ca

A pretty good episode covering 3 chance encounters in deep space by Moya (who avoided one). Interesting commando face paint markings presumably similar idea to US paras war paint & Mohawk haircuts on 6/6/44. Alien Drak though reminded me of Dr. Who episode.

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