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"I, E.T."

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Review by The Sci-Fi Fanatic

It would seem this episode is judged far more harshly than necessary. It's good and continues to establish the wonderful character chemistry within this uneasy alliance. scifimusings.blogspot.com

Review by Tommy

Not a bad episode, but far from the best. Contains some interesting interaction, especially between Zhaan and Rygel, but I really wasn't interested in the aliens on that planet. The episode was too 'normal'. The idea was interesting though, to see things from the perspective that humans are aliens.

Review by Rob A.

I, ET is one of my favorite episodes of the series. Yes, the aliens are more Star Trek than Farscape, but I think that is intentional.

More importantly, it set the show up right off as being more about relationship and character than about plot/monster-of-the-week.

Additionally, it underscores John's fish-out-of-water predicament, but in a way he is familiar with from all the SF he's obviously seen in his life before becoming a character in one himself.

I think it works brilliantly on many levels and was the episode, far more than the pilot, that made me think Farscape was going to be a unique show and not average, claptrap.

Review by Rory

One of the weaker early episodes, this one had plenty of potential (essentially making Crichton something of a Roswell alien on an Earth-like planet) but in spite of one or two interesting flourishes, it simply doesnít gel. Itís a meandering plod that lacks the emotional pathos and again the plot seems more befitting Star Trek than Farscape. The budget was clearly all spent on the beautiful CGI shots of Moya and unfortunately the rest of the episode looks cheap and nasty. The sets, costumes and makeup are pretty shoddy and make the Deneans look like reject aliens-of-the-week from Star Trek: Voyager. Not convincing at all.

Review by Steve "easterner" Ca

Watchable once, no replay value, Good concept ineptly handled; with some awesome Moya in atmosphere cinemaphotography.

Review by AA Beatrix

A lot of people seem to dislike this episode, but I, ET is one of my favourite episodes of Season 1. The problem with this episode is that it is supposed to be Episode 2, but it was postponed until later in the series in most countries and the character interactions here really do not fit after episodes such as Throne for A Loss etc.

This is one of very few episodes of Farscape where the action is shared around all characters rather equally and I feel that it helps to flesh out the characters well after Premiere and allows them to show their strengths and weaknesses. The events on Moya probably interested me more than the action on the planet. The Pilot/Zhaan scene foreshadows later revelations about Pilot and Rygel's character development is good here. Aeryn's antagonistic relationships with John, D'argo, Zhaan and Rygel are clear here as she is still in "Peacekeeper Aeryn" mode, something that simply does not make sense if this episode is seen later on in the season!

The fact that John is seen as an "alien" in this episode, while still seeing his travelling companions as "aliens" emphaises his curent isolation. He does not "belong" on planet like Denea, which has no contact with alien lifeforms, yet does not yet fully belong on Moya either.

Overall, I felt this was a good character episode for all 6 main characters.

Review by Philly

Farscape's second episode isn't exactly a good episode. But if it's not a good episode then it's not a bad episode either. It' s just one of those that isn't good or bad but right in the middle. I, ET is sadly, one of the show's weakest and that's not good considering that this is the second episode. The show presents an A story and a B story. So what's the problem? Well, I actually found the B story [the subplot] much more interesting than the A story [the main plot]. That's usually not a good sign. The acting is fairly weak considering the talent that would come out of the cast and guest stars later on. This episode does have some pacing problems as well. If the first episode is a fast paced episode then the second episode is a slow paced episode. It is unusual for Farscape to be boring even in the slightest considering that it is a show that is almost always, very fast paced. I'll admit that I, ET is a good idea having Crichton, still getting used to his surroundings, being an alien to someone who has never made contact with alien life. This episode does feature some magnificent CGI shots that looked great on the screen. One of my favorites is the shot in which Moya lands on the planet's bog. The show was still trying to find it's feet here. You may be disappointed now but if you sticks around for longer, I doubt you will be. These early episodes are on many levels, not nearly as good as some of the stuff later in the season.

Review by TPS

"I, E.T." is an ordinary affair. It's nothing special or even slightly original, but there's a nice feel to it. John's home again, kind of, and everything is seen from a different perspective. Love the Moya landing scene.

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