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Review by James Picard

Honestly, I think this episode is very underrated. Sure, it's very fast-paced, but it helps cement the fact that yeah, we're in an alien part of the galaxy, things are very different here, and you're going to have to adjust quickly. Each character gets moments that establish their personality, their goals, and what their relationship with the rest of the crew will be like. Like Crichton, the audience has just been whisked away, and has no control over what's going on. We're just forced to sit back and hope things work out. Also, this was one of the VERY FEW times the Moya crew has some good luck, with managing to get the control collar off just in time. And while it is very fast, I love how they take a little moment for John to realize that he's on another planet, and he's the first human being ever to accomplish this. It's just one of those things other shows might either take for granted or stretch out too long, but here, it's given the recognition it deserves, and then we move on. It really shows that Farscape is more than just another sci-fi show, it's a show that tries to make the characters feel real. Overall, it's a great start to the series, and it kept me interested the whole way through. Here's to more greatness to come.

Review by Mr Universe

This episode had a lot to do, and not enough time to do it. The result of this is that is feels rushed, and many of the characters come off as one-dimensional. This episode really needed to be a two-parter. However, it was good enough to make me want to watch more, though this may not be because of the quality of this episode, but rather because of the potential for the series that it shows.

Review by The Sci-Fi Fanatic

This is a tremendous premiere. There aren't many shows that are this much fun and this impressive out of the gate. Take Babylon 5 for example. There is much to cover in this tablesetter, but it is a promising and powerful debut. scifimusings.blogspot.com

Review by Tommy

A good opening episode, gives us nice first impressions on John, Aeryn, Rygel, Zhaan and D'Argo. Filled with nice action. Almost all of my favourite characters are still missing at this point, and there are much much better episodes to come, but this serves its purpose pretty well.

Review by Rory

Farscapeís pilot episode does a workmanlike job of assembling all the elements of what will soon become of the best science-fiction shows ever made. As with all pilot episodes, it has its work cut out for it and has a heck of a lot to establish in the course of one episode, but it does a great job of introducing us to a very alien and excitingly different sci-fi universe. The pace and dialogue are a little uneven and it never quite transcends itís function as a set-up episode, but in spite of this and its occasional stiffness, it is nevertheless a very respectable debut.

Review by cyberfactotum

I loved this episode! Perhaps that's because it opened me up to the entire Farscape universe. But also because it sets up exactly the challenge that John faces again and again in this show: a situation that gets worse and worse and worse until, finally, John saves the day. I loved how he had to immediately start adapting in a universe that is very unlike our own by becoming his own kind of hero, and also how he uses 20th century Earth humorous allusions to keep himself, and us as the audience, grounded in his mission to return to Earth. That such allusions are so apropos shows that, even in a universe as different as the one John finds himself in, there are certain truths that are always applicable.

Review by King Of The Tavloids

Strangely 'Premiere' works far better in retrospect then it ever did when originally aired.
I first saw it on UK tv and thought it was a derivative and uninspired story dressed up with some nice effects, surely not the reaction the producer's intended. However, after having watched the entire series, this episode gains a new level of nostalgic interest as we see the first introductions of many of the major characters and the scene is set for Farscape to run riot. It wasn't until 'Thank Goodness it's Friday...again' that the show really got it's hooks into me so 'Premiere' can be seen as laying some solid ground-work whilst only fulfilling half it's potential.

Review by Metathron

I give this first episode of Farscape a sturdy grade of 4. I thought this was a good, albeit brief, introduction to the characters on the whole. There was some good character interaction, and I loved how Rygel's farting appears in the first ep already. This ought to tell those who are new to the show that Farscape is not some dry, boring old show, rife with techno-babble, but a dynamic one that is not afraid to spice things up with humour. All in all, a very good episode; it's very nostalgic seeing it again after all this time.

Review by Yolanda

Even though the show was just starting out, the writers from the get go gave us the premise of what would come in later seasons. The introduction to John Crichton, the prisoners Rygel, Zaahn and Dargo, and the heartless, strong and irreversably contaminated Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun was all mixed well and it gave us insight into the characters as John Crichton starts his journey in another universe with these alien beings, the wanting to know how it would turn out kept me coming back for more each week! This is what entertainment is all about.

Review by Steve "easterner" Ca

PREMIER is difficult to rate, it was too short & should have been two hour movie and the characters were uninspiring. In hindsight though it got the job done; but I would not recommend as 1st episode for bringing in new viewers. I suspect that is wht TPTB (the powers that be) prevued PK TECH GIRL a better 1st episode.

Review by AA Beatrix

I think this episode suffered from being a little too short for the first ever episode. I would have liked to have seen more of John on Earth so that his isolation from his home and friends/family would have had a greater impact. The D'argo/Zhaan scene where they introduce themselves to eachother was probably the highlight for me.

It was the strength of the characters, rather than the plot which initially drew me to Farscape and John, Aeryn, D'argo, Zhaan and Rygel all get good introductions in this episode. Sadly, Pilot and Crais do not- but time was limited and this is rectified later on.

Review by Philly

The first episode of any series can be difficult. Farscape's premiere episode is an introduction into the Uncharted Territories, an introduction to the the characters, and an introduction into the world of Farscape. The first episode isn't exactly one to show someone who you would like to convert into a Scaper. It's just not one of those episodes that gets it's audience 'hooked'. It's by no means poor and not even mediocre for that matter, but it's just not a great episode. One of the episode's main problems is pacing. Each character is given his or her due. Crichton is quickly established as the main character and represents someone that the audience can relate to if we had to imagine being in that situation. Not all of the character's intentions are clear yet and that's one of the things that turned me on about this episode. There are many memorable moments which is no surprise considering that this is the first episode. I especially like the scene in which Crichton and Aeryn first meet, a moment that shall be imbended in every Scaper's memory. I recommend the 50 minute version found on the DVD for a slightly more lengthly version of the episode. This is a flawed episode with some undeniable pacing problems but it's also a solid episode that I liked. By the end of the episode if you bothered to watch, wether you would like to stay on for the ride and enjoy the long journey or get off now while you still can is entirely up to you. But I doubt you'll be disappointed if you keep watching.

Review by TPS

When I first saw this episode, I thought it was just ok. Some muppets, some unexplainable hostility from Crais, nice special effects and a bit strange main character. I wasn't blown away by it. But now, after I've seen Farscape twice through, I think Premiere is a very good pilot but as a single episode it's not that great.

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