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Moya's Databank contains information on all personnel involved with the production of Farscape, listed by episode. Use the search function below, remembering to read Pilot's tips first.

Search The Databank
Logic: OR AND
Search by field:   Name   Credit   Episode

Pilot has recommended the following tips for searching the Databank:
  • Type in either a whole word, or part of a word of what you want to find. This can be a person's name, their role (for instance Executive Producer, a character name etc.), an episode title or an episode's production number.
  • You can click on the person's name to be taken to the specific page of detailed information for that person in that role.
  • You can force a search for all the words you enter by choosing "AND" logic. For instance, if you wanted to find everyone involved on the episode "The Locket," entering the string The Locket, using "OR" logic, would return all the people involved in episodes which have the words "the" and "locket" in their title (such as "They've Got a Secret," "The Locket," The Choice" etc.). However, entering only The Locket and choosing "AND" logic will return only the results for the episode "The Locket."
  • You can force searches on specific fields by checking the relevant fields from "Name", "Credit" or "Episode". Leaving all unchecked (the default), or checking all boxes, searches all the fields. For example, to find all the people with the name Claudia, enter Claudia and check the "Name" field. To find all people who played a character called John, enter John and check the "Credit" field. To search for everyone who worked on "Into the Lion's Den, Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter", enter Into the Lion's Den, Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter, choose "AND" logic, and check to search by "Episode" field. This will return the relevant results. Note that you wouldn't need to enter the entire phrase, entering Lambs Slaughter using "AND" logic would serve the same purpose, as would entering the production number (10320).
  • Familiarise yourself with the roles of people and how they're entered, as this will help in searching. For instance, guest stars' roles always begin "guest starring as" followed by their character name, hence searching for "guest" would return a list of all the guest stars to have appeared in the show.
  • Avoid using short, common words, such as "a," "for," "the" and so on when choosing "OR" logic. Human language is imprecise at the best of times, so avoiding common words will aide in precision when searching.
  • If you wish to search for an episode by production number, enter the full production number as listed on Farscape World's Episodes index, and check the "Episode" field.
  • If you wish to find all the results for a certain season, you can enter the season number, which makes up the first three numbers of the production number. For example, 101 would return season 1, 102 season 2 and so on...
  • The credits are presented exactly as they appeared on screen. Occasionally things were added to for clarity and ease of searching (for instance, the producer of visual effects was credited as "Producer" on the screen of visual effects credits, so to avoid confusion was listed here as "Visual Effects Producer").
  • The person's individual credit page (found by clicking their name on the search results page) lists any mis-spellings of their name in the credits directly under their name ("Also credited as..."). These are included in the "Name" field search. If the same role was listed slightly different, this will be noted under the role as "This role is sometimes listed as..." These roles are included in the "Credit" field search. Other credits for this person are listed alphabetically, then by episode production number.
  • Finally, for clarity, certain roles are presented as a separate listing each time. For instance, David Kemper has a separate listing for each episode he's written (although multi-part stories written by the same person are grouped together, as you'll see from the episode entry). However, he is only credited once as Executive Producer, with all the episodes including that credit listed under the one entry. Generally, other than writers and directors, multiple episode credits for the same thing are grouped. The only time a new entry was created was when someone's credit changed significantly (or where it was thought to be clearer). For the majority of entries, when a role was only slightly changed, or was just a new name for the same thing, it is noted in the Additional Notes.
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