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Starfury: Defiant 2002 UK Convention Report
BritAngie goes to Starfury...

By BritAngie

NOTE/SPOILERS: There are some spoilers for the final four episodes of season three in the Lani Tupu and Gigi Edgley talk summaries.

Friday 29th April

It's 6.00 am and I can't sleep... I wonder why... OMG it's con weekend... Got stuff to pack and a train to catch... Rush around like a headless chicken packing the stuff I forgot the night before... Like money from the nearby cash till... I dispense with breakfast as I'm too frelling nervous to eat! First time I will be meeting all the guys from the Farscape UK Delphi board... Oh and maybe Gigi and Lani too!
I lift up my bag… egads it's heavy… Oh well I can manage… (Famous last words...!)

10.00am - Get taxi to the station and get a fast train to London… Hour and a half and I'm at Waterloo… yay… now what tube station do I get… Wander down the escalators… Suddenly remember how much I'm terrified of those things and sway unsteadily with the bag which now feels like a small family sized car-complete with family on my back! Find the right tube - The Northern line and then swap trains to get to the Piccadilly and Heathrow airport… Trip is going smoothly so far...! Get off at terminal one and trudge outside with the bag which has now become the equivalent of a "small family sized car-complete with family on my back and a boot full of Liz Taylor's luggage."

1.20 pm Heathrow Terminal 1 outside - Okay need to find the Hoppa bus to the hotel… Now this can't be too hard… I mean oooh look there's the bus information office... They are supposed to give you info right?? Well I got information… though never thought to question the accuracy of the info - perhaps we ought to have an info desk ombudsman, so you are reassured that the info is not only informative but in the vague area of correct… Perhaps they could issue badges depending on the level of correctness they have achieved... In my case the lady who gave me the info would have had her badge confiscated!!! Hmm get directions to bus stop 12... Start trudging… Find bus stop 12… But the board says nothing about a Hoppa bus… Frell how many bus stop 12s can there be?? Wander around a bit more… The bag is now "small family sized car, complete with family on my back, a boot full of Liz Taylor's luggage and a roof rack with half a dozen surfboards…" Accost some officially looking people and ask vainly if they know where the Hoppa bus is… ("Please god let them know!") They give me the directions, which for the record are in the total opposite direction that "info desk" lady gave me... So trundle-well more like unsteady staggering by now- to Terminal 2 and lo and behold another bus stop 12... (Now who designed this frelling airport complex??) Read the sign… "Get tickets from the kiosk opposite the Arrivals desk..." okay how hard can that be??… ahem... Stagger into Terminal 2… Stop dead… Oh my god… It's busy… and where would the arrivals desk be?? Now come on someone give me a clue… Totter up and down Terminal 2 for a while and fail to find Arrivals desk or kiosk… decide that if the driver doesn't take the fare I'm going to tie my bag to the bumper, sit on it and he can drag me to the hotel... (Frell what damage the bag will do to Heathrow's roads?) The bus arrives... he takes money!! Yey… I love you!!! I'm also the only one on the bus…

2.10pm Heathrow Thistle hotel - reception… Okay no sign of the gang... suddenly remember to check my mobile for messages... Find "Plan changed... we are in the Aviation lounge" Drag bag which is now a "small family sized car-complete with family on my back, a boot full of Liz Taylor's luggage, a roof rack with half a dozen surfboards and now towing a large caravan" Woooohoooo find the gang... yey I'm at the right hotel after all!

Say hello to all and find everyone glum as the bar is closed... oh dear... Also the registration desk hasn't opened yet! Also we are still waiting for some MIA bodies.

3.00pm... James and LJ decide to queue for tickets DB style... with the aid of a couple of chairs... heheh We all register and I drag the bag one last time for the day back to Ellie's and my hotel room...

Now the hotel rooms... I have to say the hotel kinda had a nautical theme-though I'm sure this was not intentional on the part of the designers... (Well the whole weekend kinda had a nautical theme... arrrrr arrrrrrr-I'll explain that later! LOL) and when we reached our corridor I suddenly said to Ellie ... "OMG we are on the Titanic!!!!" LOL. The corridors look exactly the same... Seeing as I had only seen Titanic for the first time most of the way through the previous week it was rather weird!!! And then of course there was the weird moving carpets in the other corridors... ("The hotel is sinking!") And on the other side of the hotel was the "mini Titanic/Scorpy staircase"... LOL the imagery was complete...
Also have to note... whoever designed the layout was a practical joker or insane... or both. The walk to our hotel pretty much involved us going up several levels and circumnavigating the hotel by about 360 degrees. I'm betting the staff have a short cut that goes straight to our rooms and laugh mightily as we walk/stagger/crawl the half a mile or so in a circle to get back to our rooms... Either that or the hotel was like the Tardis and some extra dimensions were involved! I half suspect this actually as at night the corridors took on an X-filey look... One for the next X-files movie I think!

Anyway found our room and dumped my stuff... and then we headed back to the others... resigned to the fact that as a result of all this walking we will have thighs like Linford Christie by the end of the weekend!!!

We all then go off to get something to eat. David tells us there is a McDonalds nearby. Yey for McDonalds... con sustenance of the gods and has a lovely view of a petrol station...

Get back to the hotel... go back to my room for something... come back to find the group spazzing! They've just met Lani and Gigi... (This near miss thing continues all weekend for me... LOL so Doh! mark 1!) The cars bringing them to the hotel had turned up by the our guys, who were standing outside chatting... they were well behaved though... Ellie even offered to help with Gigi's bags... James discovers the true meaning of drool!!

Gigi speaks!
6.00pm Opening ceremony- we all grab a table and wait for Sean to announce all the guests! Sean warms the crowd up by welcoming us and asking for a show of hands as to who is new to cons... a quite a few hands shoot up including ours. (So it looks as though we have quite a few con virgins in! Yey!) Then he asks for another show of hands for supporters of each show. Of the 400-500 people, when Farscape is mentioned, about three quarters shoot up! Weyhey... this weekend is going to be soooo interesting! Finally the guests!

Robin Atkin Downes is announced... he gets a good round of applause... then Robert Leeshock and Von Flores from the show Earth: Final Conflict are announced. Now I have seen the show mostly all the way through... so I knew who these guys were... but it's the stories I'd heard and the previous con photos I've seen that peaked my interest! I heard that these guys like... sorry I mean LOVE to party... From their introduction to us and the little bit of chat they did they confirmed my suspicions... they are BONKERS... I resolve to watch these guys do their talks... they are soooo funny... and Robert... he's kinda nice... ;) Jayne Hietmeyer also from the same show reveals that she's a con virgin too... the poor girl looks nervous... though can't blame her! Then Lani is introduced... the crowd go wild!!! Heheh... Lani talks about how much he loves coming to the UK and how he's treated in the US and the UK by members of the Police force... Poor Lani gets mistaken for looking like a terrorist! If someone can remind me of the rest of this bit... I think he said that he got a better reception by the UK police! Then Gigi gets introduced... she gets a louder and wilder reception, if that's possible, than Lani got!!! Wow... now I *know* this is going to be a great weekend... I was soooo worried that Lani and Gigi would be left on the sidelines... no chance! Gigi bounces on stage and talks for a little while... (What did she say... my mind is a blank here!) Then William Gregory Lee is announced... another warm reception and finally Nana Visitor... Wow... so many great guests... we are gonna be busy!!!

8.00pm First UK showing of the Legend of the Rangers... though we all skipped that as we had a party to get ready for...

10.00pm The St Trinians Party. Heheh... oh my... most of the girls in our gang dressed up... but I have to say I didn't... sorry I just don't have the legs at the moment for a short skirt and fishnets... I mean I don't like frightening people! LOL. Anyway Becka, LJ and Maria knock on our hotel room door (spooky that their hotel room is across from ours... LOL) and I take pics of them whilst still sober... We all trundle down to the party and discover the bar is finally open! Yay... and what's even better they are doing a deal on Barcardi Breezers which involves people buying them in groups of threes... Upon entering the bar I spot Von Flores... "Ooh famous bloke alert..." LOL... Suddenly within 3 seconds Becka has accosted him and dragged a very stunned Von over to have his photo taken with us... we've only been here a few minutes and already we're rubbing shoulders with the guests... literally! We go into the hall and find the disco going... we grab a table near the dance floor and then the rest of the evening is filled with much dancing, drinking, chatting, laughing... though not necessarily in that order! Someone asks me whether the guests will come to the first party (seeing as there are three over the weekend)... I say I think so... and as if in answer Von Flores walks in and gets onto the dance floor... Robert Leeshock comes in and follows suit as does Robin Atkin Downes (now hereafter referred to as RAD as he's too long to type! LOL) and then Lani!!! Woohoo... suddenly the whole gang are up on the dance floor (apart from David... though he was dragged up for one track! )... LOL! I think the crew make an impression... Judging from the photos Becka made a big impression on Lani... LOL.

Gigi then arrives and joins in... I pop back to my room to get my other camera... (The new digital one can't cope with the lack of light in the hall...) and dump my handbag. Come back to find that the guys have got to meet Gigi and Lani and have a photo done ... (doh mark 2 and 3...) David, Jesper and James also tell me how she sat on our table and chatted to them for quite a while (doh mark 4...) whilst David blinded poor Gigi with his camera flash...! In fact when I get back she is sat chatting to Dan... She then suddenly runs off... Dan what did you say to the poor girl!!??! Little later she's back and chatting to Ben I think... (Memory getting hazy now...!)... I was just too chicken to go up to her... LOL
Anyway my other memories... on the dance floor trying not to get knocked over by Robert Leeshock who is doing some serious dirty dancing with a Chiana look-alike... and RAD boogying away behind us lot... Did I mention he took a shine to one of LJ's school ties and "borrowed it"... the next time she meets him she's going to ask what he did with it as he still has it! LOL. Erm... Dan falling on the floor a lot, then Jesper following suit... Jesper showing me his cage dancing routine (!) and dancing till I dropped to music that ranged from the vaguely cool to the downright bizarre...! Stagger back to my room at 2.30am... Ellie and James are not far behind. He picks up his stuff and heads home... he's only had 3 hours sleep as he was working the night before!!!! Eeek! Ellie and I hit the hay... but I get attacked by convention insomnia and don't sleep a wink...

Saturday 30th

8.00am - Drag myself out of bed as there is no point staying where I am... Tiptoe about so as not to wake Ellie and try and make myself presentable. God I feel like hell!!! My head is thumping and my shoulder is aching now from carrying the bag™ around the day before... Ellie gets up... she feels as bad as I do... everyone got so seriously drunk that first night... (Though I was sober... no honest I was... LOL) that we are gonna suffer today... I get a text message from someone telling me to get up... text back that "I am already..." Go downstairs... and meet Chris who was prepared to change his name temporarily to Susan, due to a ticket mix up, if need be for the whole con... thankfully the deed poll was not needed and he got in okay...

11.00am - The con hall - We wander in to get our seats to find that David and the others have got us seats already... Ben uses his "Lie lengthwise along a whole row of chairs routine" to keep them... though if he feels like the rest of us I suspect it's his "let me lie here please I have a hangover" routine. We settle down and watch RAD - although the hall is a little empty he was a sweety and very funny. I was also astonished he had an American accent despite being British... wasn't expecting that!

Look at Lani – he's in a tux!
12.00 noon - The hall has now suddenly filled up... and we are getting these cracking video presentations shown to us which hype the crowd even more... nothing makes the DB girls more happier than seeing Ben Browder on the big screen... we all cheer when we see Cazz's board signature clip in one sequence... LOL. Sean comes in and talks a little then asks if the group from the Delphi UK board are in... LOL... we answer "yes"... heheh... Oh lordy we are marked now... Then Lani comes out... the hall goes WILD!!!! LOL... what a reception!! People stand up to take photos and Lani then goes on to talk about working on Farscape, how he learned to cope with talking to walls (when he talks to Talyn). We got a very funny example of this... LOL. Of course we got the "Is Crais still alive question" which was kinda rephrased as a "were you happy with Crais' demise and will he back..." question. Lani said no he wasn't - he felt that Crais had far more back-story to be investigated. He said that although he was dead anything could happen in Farscape... so who knows! He also told us that he has a whole back-story in his head for both Pilot and Crais and that the two characters are at the opposite ends of the scale.

Chatting about voicing Pilot and Crais - for ADR he was asked which one was easier to do... he said that both were easy... but due to Pilots voice being very high pitched if he was doing Crais that day he had to do Pilot first otherwise he wouldn't be able to get back up there after doing Crais whom he describes as being vocally down in his boots...

Hmm what else... oh yes he was asked about the red shoes and told us how originally the scene was going to have Lani in Y-fronts on the outside of his trousers... but they got him the shoes... and he knew it was the right choice when one of the production assistants collapsed in fits when he first saw them! Lani also extolled the virtues of getting his legs waxed for that and recommended that each bloke get it done at least once in his lifetime... LOL. Um... oh yes he was asked how he liked working with animals and told us that the "Toto" dog he had on his arm was being fed liver biscuits by its trainer... and when he was filming that scene with Ben and giving him his ticket the dog farted... so Lani was gagging during the whole of that scene... LOL.

He was also asked about how safe it was on the show and had anyone had any serious accidents. He told us how Ben had recently pulled a hamstring on Infinite Possibilities that put him out of commission for the day. He had to run a few yards with pyros going off at certain points as he ran past. Lani said he ran so fast that he pulled something! Though from what Lani said about the explosives being used you can't blame him for running fast! He also mentioned the fire on Talyn's set and how they realised that Talyn's original set only had one entrance and exit (the one they actually use on screen) and that if there had been anyone on the set at the time of the fire they may not have been able to get out. So the new Talyn set now has a couple of exits built into it for safety purposes.

Oh and he talked about the nude scene in GEM and what that was like... LOL. He said that the poor girl did not know what was coming... but he sure enjoyed himself! He was asked what role he'd love to play... he said he'd like to do Othello... and play Othello or Iago. He mentioned he was friends with Michael Hirst who plays Iolus (amongst other stuff) on Hercules and he had fancied playing Iago to Lani's Othello... that's one play I'd like to see! He said though that doing that is a major undertaking and it takes a lot of prep. He was also asked his favourite scene in the show... he said he loved the scene in Infinite Possibilities where he's blind and it gets all slapstick with him and Paul Goddard on Talyn as they are staggering back to command. God I know he talked about lots more... but I can't remember...!

1.00pm-We leave the hall and go grab some lunch at McDonalds again... We sit outside on the benches in the fresh (!?!?) air and I'm so glad we've had great weather this weekend so far! :) Linda and I had already semi-decided that we wanted to watch Von, Jayne and Robert Leeshock (who we have spontaneously all renamed "Gorgeous Bloke" for the whole weekend due to having a mental block about his name... LOL! So he will be forever now referred herein at times as GB... ) We all rush back and half of us settle down to watch...

It's the guys from Earth: Final Conflict
2.00 pm the main hall-OMG am I glad we did... Although Jayne is a little shy she is kinda out-insaned (if there is such a word) by her colleagues Von and Robert who are like a couple of mischievous schoolboys! (Heheh... schoolboys... we got to see that the next day on film... more later... LOL) Robert tells us that after previous Starfuries he promised himself on the plane over that he would behave himself... "... LOL. He added... "Oh MAN what did I do last night???" Was it my imagination or did Von add "who did you do last night??" LOL. Heheh... one guy asks about Robert's roles on another show/movie where he had to dress in drag and the guy asking - although not gay - thought Robert was actually quite attractive as a woman... LOL. This caused much hilarity and double entendres and when Von talked about Robert being jumped on by five blokes in a Paris Strip club story the whole hall collapsed in fits! Ah the Paris story... heheh... Von and Robert wanted to go to a Paris bar... so they hit the sleaziest part they could find and it was a strip club... hehehe... So after "enjoying" an evening there they got hit by a huge bill... (I think the owner was taking advantage of them!) and Robert said he wasn't paying that much as it was ridiculous... at which point the owner sicced five bouncers on top of Robert!! Meanwhile Von gets another bill for another ridiculous amount and mulls over the best way to get he and Von out of the situation... He has his credit card on him... but as if he'd give that to the bar owner! LOL... So he tells the lady that he needs to go to the cash till and that a couple of the bouncers can come with him... he's banking on getting Robert and himself up onto the sidewalk so they can leg it! So he manages to do this and runs... and half way up the street turns round to talk to Robert... and sees... Robert still by the bar entrance... now trying to kick the bouncers who were on top of him down the club stairs in drunken revenge... LOL. Of course as they were rather large they weren't budging and inch... at which point Von shouts back something like "for Gods sakes man run"... LOL. Only Robert would be insane enough to stay back and do that... LOL. They talked about Earth: Final Conflict and how the show had been played with and that in the finale season TPTB decided to take the aliens out of the show!! He chuckled "The lead character is half alien and they want to take the aliens away from the show?? What are they going to do with the Taelon mother ship??" Von suggested there would be shots of him being the caretaker and sweeping it! LOL. Von also said his character, Sandoval was kinda reduced to being one of the keystone cops always turning up too late to catch Roberts character Liam Kincaid... it was like "Doh I've missed them again..."

Jayne revealed that she wore a blonde wig on the show and Von told us he mooned Robert in the first scene they did together and Robert didn't bat an eyelid... he thought that was cool... LOL. Robert said it was also very interesting watching Von when any new ladies come on set... heheh... "hey layddddeeeeze..." LOL.

Jayne was asked if she was happy now that Von now looked like a loony (like she did) doing the Taelon shuttle craft jive (or whatever they called it) where they have to wave their arms around to pilot the virtual controls... Von said it was like being Marcel Marceau... heheh. The guys talked about travelling a lot - Von and Robert adore it. Von loves playing golf and is into acting for the money... he's quite pragmatic about it as is Robert... Robert told us about meeting one of his fans on a plane... and half terrified the poor girl (who was in the audience that day!)

Um... E:FC is filmed in Canada... so Robert lived out there and Von commuted... God again they said so much more... and we laughed ourselves stupid... Robert, Jayne and Von told us they wanted to see us all up on the dance floor that night...

Hey, wasn't she in Deep Space Nine?
3.00pm - still sat in the main hall - Nana Visitor is announced... What a lovely lady... She's very warm, articulate, honest and earnest. She goes straight into a Q & A and says ask anything "ask Auntie Nana"... I like her already! She is asked about Kira and her story arc with Odo... she says she was not happy with that... although she loves Rene Auberjonois she felt it wasn't Kira. She also said she fought the writers over the direction her relationship with Dukat was taking as they wanted them to have a romance... she said no... That was a sickening direction to take and not what Kira would do and if they wrote the scenes she would not turn up for filming! She was asked about her outfits and look of Kira and said that for the first couple of seasons she liked the way they showed her... but when Viacom took over they wanted Kira to be softened and suddenly Nana found her hair style changing every five minutes... she was supposed to be an officer and ex freedom fighter... not someone who ponced around with their harlot. She said the Intendent's uniform was a pain to wear as it was made of rubber and made heaps of noise... so she had to act with as little physical movement as possible to limit extra ADR. She was asked about the kiss with Nicole DeBoer and said that poor Nicole was terrified about doing it.

She talked about sexism in the acting industry and her resolve to keep her clothes on. She talked about working with Micheal Winner (I think??!) on her first movie and that how he was horrible and decided she didn't want to do too many movies again... She talked about her kids and the problems as a working mother making time for them and that she left Dark Angel as a result of being told to move to Canada or commute to do a few episodes... she refused and they wrote her out. She also mentioned that they wanted a cast that was below 40 years old... She loves James Cameron though who picked her for the series.

She enthused about acting in "Chicago" and about how they continued to do the show after the Sept 11th tragedy as the mayor told them the show must go on and the city will survive... She told us about that day and how she heard the news...

She then chatted about UK audiences and how they love to enjoy a show, eat ice cream and have a good time. She said that was so fantastic and said she would love to do a play over here! She says going to the theatre in the USA is a lot more expensive and exclusive... and totally different from the UK experience.

She spoke about her friendships with the cast and how they were all theatre actors.

Gigi. She likes to read.
4.00PM... main hall... Gigi is introduced... the audience go BANANAS! LOL. Wow what a welcome! Gigi tells us about her rush to get to the UK and that it was a bit touch and go at one point. How she enjoyed the flight over but they were all so serious in business class... whilst she sat playing with her seat... "Gigi go up... Gigi go down... Gigi go up... Gigi go down..." LOL. That and also that her credit card isn't working. She then gets out a notebook and reads out a letter to home about her trip over, the party last night and on the end a plea for some money! She chats about sleepwalking and about how Chiana is now affecting her normal posture. She recounts her audition with Ben how he changed the scene and improvised on her... She must have done very well as he urged the producers to choose her. She then talks about her first day on set, how she got made up and then the production assistants said they didn't need her anymore... which she took as the sack! LOL. She also mentioned how those contact lenses she wears add to Chiana's movements by necessity.

Someone asked her about costumes and she said about the impracticalities of her make up with regards to costumes... but said she would like more as she has only had three in Farscape... but in one episode of Beastmaster she had 6!!LOL. She hinted that she got a new costume in one episode... She chats about the impracticalities of kissing D'Argo... "All those tentacles" and making sure she doesn't plaster the set and other actors with make up. She said the make up can be a pain when you are in mid flow and mentions one take where Tammy was giving her all and her head fell off! LOL. Hmm she was also asked how much of Chiana's original costume was already done before she got the part and how much was tailored to her. She said that most of the costume was already there including the ample cleavage... she was asking the costume designer... so I get those too?? LOL.

Gigi was asked about the website she has and she reassured us that it would be back but that she simply had not had enough time to look at it. Oh god... what else was she asked??? There were loads more... the hour went so fast!

Walk out of the hall to be greeted by a "I know you it's BritAngie isn't it...?" Suddenly I'm set upon by two strangers and one second later another two... woah... head hurts... where am I... what day is it... who am I again... all races through my head. I decide to concentrate on standing... Turns out I've been accosted by Guider and Ian plus Denis (Scorpiclone) and Tracy (Scrib) who I know from online and knew would be around the con somewhere... Woah... so great to meet them but all my powers of conversation and reasoning are currently holidaying in the Bahamas which momentarily sends me a mental postcard saying "say hello, you'll be fine-be back later, wish you were here... BTW the Margarita shooters rock"! So I think I said hello and stuff... I have no idea as it's a bit of a blur at this point... God terrible... I'm not normally like this...

5.00pm... the bar... those with low enough numbers wait for the autographs to be announced. (The first lot went to get theirs on Friday... everyone in our gang has numbers which are due to be called up Saturday and Sunday) We calculate that some of us will be going in today to get some stuff signed... so some of us wander back to the dealer's room to find something signable. I settle on a "Through the Looking Glass" Script... Did I mention the dealer's room?? That den of much spendymoneyness... We hit it on Friday at the earliest opportunity to get some goodies... and we noticed that Farscape stuff was selling like hotcakes!!! Oh wow... my bank manager hates me... but Barclaycard loves me! Stagger back to the group who are now sat on the floor outside the hall due to a severe lack off chairs... decide to crouch as I know if I sit on the carpet I will never get up again! Sat down waiting to be called for the autos, my head decides to remind me that it hurts... and I'm not feeling too well... god I need to get some sleep tonight or I won't be able to stand tomorrow...

5.30ish... our badges are called... Oh eck... autos... means I have to meet Lani and Gig and the others... oh frell... This mantra runs not only through my head but Ellie's too... LOL. We are so nervous... heheh. Spot Ian again coming out with his auto for Sue and am a bit more awake now to chat with him properly... but conversation gets cut too short as I'm dragged into the auto room... Find James, Adam, Ellie and myself sitting waiting to go up the autograph line... I suddenly think... hmm, I'd like GB and Von's autos... oh frell what can I get signed as I don't have money left for photos... suddenly hit on getting the flyer signed... Ellie does the same... for a moment I thought I might have to resort to getting a body part signed...hmmm actually not a bad idea... doh... LOL... ahem where was I... oh yes autos... we democratically elect (read shove ahead! LOL) Adam to go in front of the queue to kinda introduce/warn Lani and Gigi... "Hey Adam you've met them before... so you can go ahead no probs... I end up next... damn... Get to Von... oooh he's lovely... signs my rather crumpled flyer... then Jayne does too... get to Robert he looks up and says hi and smiles... oh crap... my senses just vacated the room. He puts a hand out to shake mine and I notice how small my hands are and how large his is... ooooohhh... then suddenly I forget about that when I spot the eyes again... oh eck... um auto. Yes I wanted an autograph... get my flyer signed and move over to Robin who draws something completely indecipherable on my flyer... get to Lani... wait as Adam pulls out the huge painting he has of Aeryn he bought at the charity auction in Burbank last year. Lani recognises it immediately and tells his steward sat with him about the artist. He then signs the frame... Then he signs an auto for me... we say hello... mind is totally blank at this point... should have mentioned Tascape and about being the woman tied on the pole but forgot... doh... LOL. Get to Gigi... Adam gets the same WOW reaction from the very striking painting. Adam then introduces the first wave of DB'ers who are stood in line behind him and tells her that we were responsible for last years conbook she got at Burbank. She says thank you and then signs an auto for me and the others... again I can't remember hardly any of this... wish I wasn't so damn tired... Stagger out and mill about excitedly... well about as excited as I can muster at this point! Those who had their photos taken with the guests this morning start getting those back... Decide to head back to the room for a shower to get ready for tonight party... I need one to wake me up a bit as I'm flagging badly... Ellie agrees and we head back to get changed... We also discover the joys of ROOM SERVICE!!! LOL... Suddenly we have realised we have only eaten two McDonalds meals in two days... so we are famished... so order pizza and chocolate milkshake and vegetate in our hotel room whilst the others are downstairs enjoying the fancy dress competition - which featured loads and loads of Farscape costumes! :)

9.30pm... main hall... Carry on Party... Get into the hall and recognise that Guider is sat with Adam... go over and say hello... but having a conversation is pretty much impossible next to the speakers! Do an odd bit of dancing... (I think... really not sure... LOL) and then decide at 12.30pm I can't stay awake any longer... so tell the others I'm wimping out... Guider decides on the same and she tells me on the way back that she has photos with her from her trip to Australia last year to meet WITGOB and visit Farscape locations... so we make a pit stop to her room where she shows me some great shots from the trip and we find ourselves yacking still an hour or so later...! Realise I really need to get some sleep... so say my goodbyes and feel happier that I've got to talk to Guider properly over the weekend... Stagger back and get into bed at about 2.00am... frell so much for getting to bed early... pretty much pass out...

Sunday 31st

8.00am... Sunday... Oh frell I hate my body clock... oh well at least I got some sleep... get up and realise the headache from yesterday has gone... yey... though I'm still a bit light-headed and I'm now swaying alarmingly when stood up... Mentally remind myself to stand near to wall at all times in case of sudden fallingoverness... or if not at least in the vicinity of a hunky bloke to catch me...

I have no idea what we did with this morning... someone remind me... I'm sure we were doing something...

I know at some point we line up to have our photos done with Lani and Gigi... Jesper, Adam (?), Ellie, Linda, Becka, Maria and myself... (Who else am I missing??) Sit on the chairs waiting and we all get sssshuuuuushed by the photographer... oh dear we are making too much noise... but we are excited and nervous... and the level creeps up again... get shushhhed again... turns out the photographer is trying to talk to the developer... well why didn't he say!? Discover some more Scapers sat by us and we all start getting more (!?) Hyper! We all kinda bounce up the chair line and I get to have mine done with Lani first... oh my he's tall and he has the widest and whitest smile I've ever seen... turn round to pose for the shot... look at the camera... smile... keep smiling... oh frell take the pic already... now my top lip is sticking to my teeth... can't hold this smile much longer cap'n... the flash goes off... thank goodness for that... though god knows what the pic will look like... Get to Gigi... quicker flash this time... phew... but as I walk back she pulls me back saying she's not letting me go yet... LOL. So I stand back and suddenly Lani's coming over to be in the pic... eh what's going on?? Chuckles ensue at the mayhem and confusion and I get a second one done with Gigi... As I walk off told by a steward I will get both the pictures the photographer took... Get my bag and wait for the others... Look back and LOL at the pose Gigi is striking with Becka... heheh. We all go outside and again make our way to McDonalds...

Oh, come on, this is a Farscape site!
2.00pm main hall - Rush back to see GB and Von again... come back to hear that Von and Robert gate crashed Jayne's talk with Von sporting Jayne's blonde wig... and Robert snogging Jayne... LOL. Damn... never mind... they will be on again in a sec... Then Robert and Von are back... and come on doing a drum and base routine with their mikes and Von bursts into song... Oh yeah... they are so off their heads... heheh... Straight into the Q&A... they are both asked if they have any hangover cures they can recommend to the audience seeing as their partying is now legendary... LOL. Robert says his hang over cure is not to go to bed at all... LOL. He says that last night for instance he drank right through till 7.00am then went for breakfast... Find out from Denis later that this was true!!!! LOL. They are both asked if they were a cartoon character what character they would be... can't remember what Von said... but Robert hummed and harhed... I kinda looked at him and said Scooby Doo quietly (so I thought) to the guys in our row... and a split second later he said the same thing... the whole of our row collapses in laughter... gotta stop the channelling thing I have going... LOL.

They talk about Leni Parker and the lady who plays Zo'or being their bitches... (LOL) and when asked if they were married they both said no they were free and single. They were asked about the possibility of an EFC movie and Von jokes about Sandoval turning up late again on the big screen... "doh I've missed them again..." They are asked what sort of input Majel Barret had into the series which was quite a lot by the sounds of it. Okay brain failing... was soo-much-laughing-so-hard-stomach-ache-inducingly more...

3.00pm... Wait for Nana to come on... notice some people have some pictures... of what looks like Lani, Gigi, GB, Von and Jayne in school gear... suddenly Sean announces that a special school photo has been done limited to 120 copies only and the negative destroyed, of some of the guests and signed by them for 35.00... Becka rushes off to get one and Ellie and I pull money together to get a copy each... Ellie comes back with the photo... she decides she can't afford one and only got mine... :( Look at the photo... so worth the 35.00 ROTFLMAO... ahem... Nana comes on... straight into the Q&A session... Talks about DS9 and doing giving birth scenes, how she thinks they will never do a DS9 movie - but she hopes the cast will get cameos in the other movies and about decorating her apartment... her NYC one has black walls to show off her art! She also mentioned about moving back to LA and being excited about decorating a new home from scratch. She told us she's a real home body and loves to cook and hold dinner parties in her spare time. Also when asked if she had taken any souvenirs from the DS9 set she revealed that she had requested the Fish that used to hang over one of the shops/restaurants out on the Promenade. Apparently it was smuggled out to her car like contraband off the set... LOL.

Ahoy me hearties! Aye!
4.00pm... Becka and I are singing along to the videos and tracks the DJ has been playing... (Actually we've been doing it since we sat down... LOL). We've seen the same video presentations a couple of times over now and we are trying to desperately fathom out the music being played with the presentations... (Found out now that it's Absurd by Fluke and Naked Son by the Oyster band for the JC video...) Notice now the room is getting very crowded... even the sides of the hall has people standing up... Then Sean introduces Lani and Gigi... and they get a HUMUNGOUS round of applause... LOL. Heheh... Pretty much straight into the Q&A session... Becka asks a Question to Lani... Lani stops... looks at Becka and says "Now I know YOU" ... LOL. Becka has a lovely accent... but Lani and Gigi have a few problems understanding... they get the question eventually... I think James at one point on the previous day's talk told Gigi that she was lovely (just to offset the fact that Ben and the other guys got drooled over) - he also said thanks for coming over...! They were both asked how they felt working with the (ack...) puppets. Gigi said that they all get very much attached to the Pilot and Rygel and when the fire happened last year and there was a chance Pilot would be destroyed they were all really upset like Pilot was a real person!!! Lani also talked about Talyn's implant and how it really sort of digs into the back of his neck... ouch!! Gigi also said she had to go straight back from the con to do some final scenes for Ben's episode. So no rest for her then. :( The hour goes far too fast and Sean interrupts to hold the charity auction. Lani takes the stage to talk about the auction. The auction is in aid of actor Kevin Smith's family. The talented and lovely actor played Ares on Xena and Hercules who was killed in a fall in China a few weeks ago... It turns out he was friend of Lani's... Aww ((Lani)) :( So he decided to ask Sean to do the auction and ask the guests to donate stuff to be auctioned. Lani brought along several shooting schedules, Nana donated a DS9 signed Baseball, there was a Stargate SG1 script signed by the whole cast and last but not least for that days auction... Lani's red shoes from Won't Get Fooled Again... the red shoes went first... but not before Lani modelled them, the walked, danced and skipped around in them... Gigi rolled up Lani's trousers so we could see them better... then Lani went over to bop with Sean before planting a big kiss on his cheek... LOL. The bidding started... Adam in our gang decided he wanted the shoes and had set aside 500.00 for them... but a Texan gentleman behind him was just as determined and suddenly the bidding got to 700.00... The Texan guy told Adam he was buying sci-fi memorabilia for a museum in Texas... so Adam gave in gracefully as it was better that everyone got to share them... Then Von raced on stage and told Sean that if the shoes got to 800.00 all the guys would do a strip after the auction... Texan guy races up to the stage and a huddle takes place with the EFC guys and Texan guy... he goes for the 800.00... wooohooooo... LOL! OMG... next up Shooting schedule (or was it a script) with Ricky Manning's auto on it goes for 70.00... then a second one for David Kemper which I think went for about 90.00. The SG1 script went for about 250.00 and Adam splashed out and got the shooting schedule for GEM for 70.00. Texan museum guy also announced that Jayne Heitmeyer had donated her EFC leather jacket to him for 1000.00!!! With the auction over... for that day the guys came on stage... They all line up on stage and start stripping right down to their underwear... that day we get to answer the "boxers or briefs" question without asking!! LOL. Mind you Lani keeps his trousers on! Then... Robert Leeshock jumps downs from the stage and runs around the outside of the hall and then back up the middle - grabbing a lady from the audience and sandwiching her between him and Von and William Gregory Lee all gyrating wildly... ROTFLMAO... we can all hardly breath from laughing so hard...this would never happen at a US con... and by now the audience is going BONKERS... heheh... Then they all get up on stage and get dressed... and we give them a much earned round of applause!! LOL...

It's the shoes!!!!!!
5.00pm… David and Ben say goodbye to us all and Ellie and I say goodbye to Chris in case we miss him later as we go back to our room to freshen up for tonight's party and the closing ceremony at 8.30pm. We get back to the room eventually... (Those halls get so long after a while...) and order another pizza... have to keep our strength up for tonight...

8.30pm... closing ceremony... now there are only the hardcore left... Adam, Dan, Elliejane, LJ, Maria, Jesper, Becka, Linda and me... I get caught by a steward who gives me my photos... egads... as bad as I thought... LOL. And what happened to the extra one... ?? In fact LJ had the same thing... we both think someone has our missing mug shots on a wanted poster somewhere... LOL. The others realising theirs must be ready too go off and get them... Then we get the second stage of the charity auction... amongst the items that get sold is an autograph from Russell Crowe who is also a mate of Lani's...!

Then the closing ceremony... woohoo... everyone gets a great reception as it's been a frelling fantastic weekend and Lani and Gigi get standing ovations!!!! Each guest says their thanks and how much they enjoyed the weekend... and when Gigi gets to her goodbyes her voice breaks with emotion and suddenly she has us all almost in tears! (Sean told us later she was sobbing all the way back to her hotel room as she didn't want to go... ((Gigi))) Sean also then thanks all the people who did a fantastic job in making the con run so successfully and finally we all thank Sean for a frelling awesome weekend... I've seen over and over again how others have said this has been the best Starfury ever and I can well believe it! All the guests hug and say their goodbyes to Lani and Gigi who have to catch a plane and we sit back and watch ****** which is not actually out in the cinemas yet... It's gory... but thankfully I am blearily far enough away to squint through the really gory bits... Most of us sat and watched, as we were too tired to move... LOL.

9.00pm… The Doctor party - though in sci-fi terms we had not only hospital doctors... but also Doctor Who doctors... women in chain mail, leather and many Farscape-a-likes on every night of the parties... Dance and party till about 2.00am when they start winding down the party... go outside into the bar where I spot Denis who beckons me over for a chat ... I congratulate him on winning the fancy dress with that awesome Scarran costume of his and then we sit down and chat. Meet Moira - Denis's girlfriend and Tracy (Scrib...) and we chat about what has gone on over the crazy weekend... then Gigi and Lani are back... During the chat I had one of those bizarre moments where I was looking at Denis and chatting then turned to look at the bar beside me and there's Lani and Gigi having a drink and I notice that Von is right behind me with Robert next to him... I look back at Denis... I feel a "my side your side" moment coming on as I look back between the two tableaux... one reality the other somewhere else... LOL. Denis asks me if I'd talked to Gigi yet... before the word "No" had finished leaving my lips Denis has called her over... Denis introduces us and tells her about the website and stuff... Gigi tells us about coming over for cons and how busy they are and about missing her flight... eek... Hope she doesn't get into trouble... they tried so hard to get there in time... Then Denis asks me if I want to speak to Lani... I say no it's okay, not right at this moment... (I really am such a chicken... LOL) I really wouldn't know what to say... LOL (Sorry Lani if you read this I can't help being a cowardly custard... heheh!) So we chat some more... and then Ellie comes over and we all chat a little... then we start getting chucked out the lower bar... Denis and the others tells us to bring all our gang upstairs... I try... but instead I end up being herded over to reception after we try nonchalantly walking past Gigi and Lani in the car park in a "we are not stalking you honest" kinda way... The plan is for us to have a Crichton's angels photo session in the reception area, of all places, before we go to bed... it's now 2.30am... and suddenly... now wearing angel T-shirts the gathered 5 angels strike suitably ridiculous poses and we pray to god that Lani and Gigi do not come through the doors at this point... and jump each time they do open... LOL. Thankfully they don't and with our dignity relatively intact we all agree on a time to meet up the next morning and we all crawl to bed... or that was the plan... as Ellie and I kinda find ourselves chatting up till gone 4am!!! Go to bed... at last... heheh.

8.00am... Body clock has me up "bright" and early...tiptoe around and let Ellie sleep in till 8.45... We pack and discover a bag full of goodies... Ellie assumed it was mine... I assumed it was hers... see the Star wars SFX inside and realise it's James'... so Ellie plans to make a side trip to drop it off later. Go downstairs and find that everyone is down and ready to go. Linda tells me she's getting the next hoppa bus to the airport to catch her flight back to Scotland... So I go back up and get the bag... now I thought after handing out all the videotapes and photos I had with me that my bag would be lighter on the way back... but it was even heavier now... Start to suspect that there are house bricks sewn into the lining... or this is Mary Poppins' other carpet bag... Haul the bag now the weight of a double decker bus full of Farscape fans, downstairs and hug everyone goodbye... I'm going to miss this place ... gaze wistfully as another Boeing 747 flies low overhead... Get on the bus then off to the fun place of a thousand bus stops with the number 12 called Heathrow... Linda and I remark on how much fun we've had this weekend... Get to the airport... spot the entrance to the tube and then hug Linda good bye...

On the train home kinda lurch from falling asleep to being very tearful... this has been such a fun weekend and I don't want it to end... but end it does... and I have so many great memories... and one shoulder much lower than the other... LOL,

Things I forgot to mention... Captain Haddock... the Crais/Darius look-a-like who nonplussed me on the first day by walking past and asking me if I'd seen John Crichton... Now if I'd seen John Crichton would I be standing here?? LOL. Somehow he earned his nautical nickname and the sound of "arrrrr" as in "arrrrr me hearties, splice the main brace... shiver me timbers..." Became a running joke the whole weekend... Maria invented Scaper rhyming slang... forget apples and pears for the stairs... they are now referred to as Flares... LOL.
Then there was Iguana girl... now when I packed for the con an Iguana was really a long way down on my list if things to pack... but this lady brought one... the poor thing named Talyn did not survive the weekend... :(

Chris getting one of his trance tracks played by the DJ on Saturday night... I think the track was the Aurora chair...! Yey Chris! Becka aiding and abetting an incident involving, a Zhaan look-a-like, a riding crop and Robert Leeshock's bottom... I'll let you guys piece that one together... LOL.

Okay I'm done... what have I missed... still so many blanks...

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