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Burbank 2004 Staff Reports: Cyn
Cyn's rundown of the 2004 con...

By Cyn (SunKrux)

Holy cow, I have been busy and somewhat of a slacker. I honestly meant to get this finished eons ago, but real life has been slightly depressing and rather busy, anyhoo, on with the long over due report. I apologize for the long delay and the shortness of this report. IF I make the 2005 con, I’ll try to crank out that report faster.

I know some of you are thinking, “space boot”? What is she talking about? Patience grasshopper all will be revealed. Before the adventure begins I would like to fill those of you in on how and why I have a “space boot”.

About mid to late August as I was leaving my house to go house & kitty sit for a friend, I missed the last step of our back stairs breaking the 5th metatarsal of my left foot. I was in a lovely blue cast for 5 weeks and have been in a walking boot since the beginning of October. No worries about me, my foot is healing well, slowly. Now what say we begin the adventure!

Thursday, November 18th –
I got to SeaTac airport around noon, thinking I’d have a long, drawn out ordeal going through security due to da space boot. Lucky for me it didn’t take long at all. Plenty of time to sit and wait *boo hiss* I was scheduled to leave beautiful Seattle around 2 p.m. Unfortunately I didn’t actually leave until 3 p.m. The plane I was to be on was delayed for reasons unknown.

Finally made it to Burbank around 5:30 – 6:00 p.m. Met up with another Seattleite Scaper (sorry don’t remember his name) and waited for the hotel shuttle. Got checked in and settled my stuff in the room, called Mary & Dani, my roomies for the weekend. Then I called my evil twin, Ryalin and harassed her. She was playing “mother” to four of our friends, Danae/SunSpecOps, Robyn, Shannon/Eowyn, and Katrin/Linny. They all had the nerve to arrive early enough to go to Sea World and Disneyland before the con and without ME!

After the phone calls I hung out in the lobby with all the Scapers there. I was invited to join Emeraldcity, ChaoticDreamer, Chris, Barbara (Chris’s sister), :) Dabee and aughra for dinner at P.F.Changs. I’m still amazed that those of us who rode with EC made it. Dinner was fabulous and fun was had by all. By the time we made it back to the hotel, my evil twin and her charges were closer to Burbank.

We finally hooked up in the bar. Then we headed to pre-registration. Being unemployed and having huge medical/doctor bills (blame the foot) my wonderful ManStud (boyfriend) paid for my plane ticket, SunSpecOps paid for my cheap seats and one photo op. My most fantastic evil twin paid for my hotel. Dani, Mary, Shannon and Katrin all helped to make sure I wouldn’t starve and would have fun. Ry helped with that as well. Shannon (first time con attendee) purchased a ticket for the Signal Room concert, Mary purchased their CD for me and Dani bought me a Claudia Black pic and a photo op with David Franklin.

Without the kindness and generosity of those mentioned above, I would NOT have made it to the con. THANK YOU ALL!

After everyone purchased/received their tickets, we headed back to the bar for a bit. Sadly I didn’t last long, lugging around da space boot made me tired and a bit sore.

Dani, Mary and I caught up eventually and soon fell asleep.

Friday, November 19th –

Sleeping a few hours (theme of most con weekends) my roomies and I woke up, got ready for the day and met up with Ry, SSO, Robyn, Shannon and Katrin for breakfast. Then we headed to the convention hall for the beginning of the con.

First up –Froon aka Richard Manning –

What a way to launch the con, follow up the first round of music vids with Froon! Thankfully this year he was in his usual Mambo attire. He answered all the questions that get repeatedly asked every year right off the bat.

How does one top Froon opening the con? Why show the World Premiere of The Making of Peacekeeper Wars. Don’t feel left out, cause it’s on the DVD for the mini series. So since I’m guessing that most of you have seen it, or will eventually see it, I’ll spare you the boring details.

Bianca Chiminello aka Jenavian Charto –

Was next up. She was her usual charming and funny self. She talked about how she got the part and what it was like to swim with sharks. Apparently “that scene” (you know the one – one that some fans like to pretend doesn’t exist) was filmed in was infested with sharks.

Blah, blah, blah, Intermission and a no minimum bid auction followed Bianca. *yawn*
Then there was a Campaign review. *shrugs* Sorry, I didn’t do much more than cheer those actually fighting for the show, on.

Wayne Pygram aka Scorpius –

“Ho, mamma!” One of the main reasons I attend the cons…to see Wayne! HUBBA! HUBBA! He talked about the usual stuff and how for years he’d been ill and didn’t know why. Now he’s better and loved working on the mini. I stood in line to ask Wayne a question (sadly – don’t remember what it was). I had been in line so long, standing that by the time I was done, my right hip was screaming in pain. I couldn’t put much weight on my left foot, even with da space boot. After that, I asked the wonderful Creation security folks if I could move up to the special needs section, much easier on the hip when wanting to ask questions of the cast/crew. Thanks!

Photo ops with Wayne –

I had purchased an Evil Bendy (visit http://mcphee.com and search for Bendy – that’s all I’m saying) for Wayne and Anthony. Everyone needs an Evil Bendy in their life. Since photo ops go quickly I gave Wayne the RDCV (Reader’s Digest Condensed version) of why I was sporting da space boot. Handed him Evil Bendy, sat down and SNAP! Photo taken. I hobbled outa the room and moved on to the next event…

Signal Room concert –

As usual the guys rocked and the fans didn’t stay seated for long. Why does Creation bother with seating up seating for their concerts? The chairs just get in the way! You’d think after three years of the guys playing, Creation would catch a clue. The band prefers their fans standing and dancing and enjoying the groove. *rolls eyes*

After the concert they screened Peacekeeper Wars but I was too knackered to stay up that late and with the spacing between the chairs, it was a pain for me to sit. Da space boot is not the easiest thing to sit with.

Saturday, November 20th –

The usual FSCreationCon Yahoo Group brekkie was held twice this year, as CD wasn’t able to make it for the whole weekend. Naturally we got lost because people relied on ME to navigate, even after I’ve told them time and again to NEVER let me navigate. Hopefully they have all learned their lesson!

The events started a little earlier than usual this year. First up music vids. They always show fan made music vids through out the con weekend. Each vid that is shown the maker receives a prize. This year my evil twin submitted a tribute to FS vid and was on pins and needles all weekend as she was not told if hers was chosen. It was not a pretty picture. I think she eventually found out, but after possibly bribing someone. She was told it might air sometime on Sunday. Way to torture my twinny Creation! LOL

Brian Henson – Executive Producer –

Brian followed the vids and spoke about how much he appreciated the fans push and demand for more FS. The fans were the reason the mini was possible. As I was sitting on the right side of the stage, I happened to be sitting by a certain lady and baby. It was fun chatting with her. Due to my respect for actor’s/producer’s right to privacy, I’ll leave it at that. Those who know what I’m talking about will know who I sat next too during Brian’s time on stage. ;)

David Franklin – CAPTIAN Bracca –

Was up next. If Anthony’s not careful, David just might take his place as the “Energizer Bunny”. David shared about his experiences during the shooting of the show and mini. Fans asked questions and gave him gifts (when will folks learn to STOP doing that during the Q&A?)

After David the Frelly Awards were held, I left due to the fact that to me it was boring. Then a fan fic panel was held, wasn’t there so I can’t say anything on it. Things like that do not interest me.

I think this is when the FSWorld staff took a bit o’ time to ask some hard-hitting questions of Cheryl and Richard Manning ( click here) for the interview. All had a good time and it was nice to learn how Cheryl hugs Froon.

Gigi Edgley – Chiana –

Followed the awards and fan fic panel. She thanked the fans for bringing back FS for the mini. She mentioned some of what she’d done during the break and what she was doing now that the mini was done. She showed a clip of some of the work she’d done. She once again demonstrated her talent with the twirly ball thingies, much to the fans delight.

Anthony Simcoe – D’Argo -

Bounded on stage and talked about what he’d been up to since FS ended and we got to see some pics. He was developing a new telly series with some of the actors he’s worked with while on FS. Sadly it doesn’t look like anyone bought it. He talked about his reaction to finding out that D’Argo would die in the mini. He also managed to make D’s last shot a memorable one. Good on ya mate!

Francesca Buller – M’Lee, roNa, Raxil, and Minister Akhna –

Showed up in her usual bare feet! I love that woman. I asked her a question, I think it was about who inspired her to take up acting. I wish I could remember what she said. She mentioned having something repaired in the house and calling Ben asking if she should show the workers (one was a huge fan of the show) Winona. She was promptly told to HIDE “her”. LOL She also talked about how she and Ben met and other aspects of their life and what it’s like to work together. She mentioned that their kids were a little taken aback when they met Akhna. Gee, wonder why?! LOL Must have been the hat!

Costume Parade & Talent Contest –

I didn’t really pay much attention, due to the fact that some of the acts/costumes were a bit boring, imho. I had more fun watching Ben, Fran and Froon judging than anything else. Their expressions and comments were priceless. You had to be there.

Photo ops with David & Anthony –

Part of the reason I missed some of the above was that I had photo ops with David and Anthony. I got the David photo op last minute and wasn’t able to give him an Evil Bendy. I had one for Anthony. He’s proudly holding it up in my pic. David was a bit surprised to see da space boot, as was Anthony. Again, photo ops are so fast that it’s kinda “Hi, here’s a gift (the proper time to do this, imho!)” sit, SNAP! and out you go.

FS – Dark Chest of Wonders –

Simply the most AWESOME (and best) FS tribute vid EVER! No, I’m not biased (well maybe a little) was shown sometime during the days events. I don’t remember the exact time, but I do remember the immense pride I felt when the fans cheered loudly for my evil twin’s creation. She worked really hard on it and it showed. If you heard someone yelling, “That’s MY evil twin” before the vid started, that was me.

Saturday night –

Went to dinner at an all you can eat restaurant to expose the Brits and German fans to this kind of fair. Apparently they do not have restaurants like this in their country. No wonder they look at Americans like we’ve got three heads. LOL After dinner we had to figure out how to get the gang back to the hotel, as it rained. Eventually Mary and Linnie rode back on Mary’s motorcycle. I was bummed, as I wasn’t able to ride on it with her, thanks to da boot. *rolls eyes*

Sunday, November 21st –

Being as I didn’t have photo ops with Ben or Claudia, I was able to attend the second FSCreationCon Yahoo brekkie for the weekend. I saved a place for Shannon since she was a slow riser. She also had to get packed since she was riding back with my evil twin after the con was over. Don’t remember much but I do remember Loki coming through the group with a beautiful beaded necklace she had made for Claudia and we all sent good thoughts/vibes/wishes to Claudia and her projects. Soon it was time to pay the bill and head to the convention hall.

Rockne O’Bannon – Creator extraordinaire –

What a way to start the day. Rockne sharing yet again how FS came to be and how the fans were a huge reason it came back for the mini. Again, sorry that I can’t remember everything that happened.

Felicity Price – Princess Katralla –

This was her first con, ever. I felt bad for her since most of the fans had left the room before she came on. She handled it like a pro and I asked a question (sadly, memory has lost it’s hold on what it was). She was funny and those of us who bothered to stay were treated to a class act.

Again with the no minimum bid auction. Don’t mind me, I’m just jealous because I don’t have that kind of money to spend on props and the like, even though I’d love to! LOL

Claudia Black & Ben Browder – Aeryn Sun & John Crichton –
Take over the stage. Claudia quickly learned that while she looked stunning, her choice of outfits (namely the skirt) was not a good one for a con setting. She used it to her advantage though. Since she couldn’t really bend over without showing off certain ‘naughty bits’ (ten points to anyone who can pick up on where this came from), she proceeded to drop things left and right, only to have Ben pick them up. It was rather humorous. Claudia brought a clip of what she had been up to since the show and mini wrapped; the clip was of Naked in London and One. Well it was supposed to be of the two, but we were treated to One twice. It looks like a fabulous flick, now if it can only be made. Naked is finished I believe.

Naturally, there were questions about the show and their characters. For a fan who’s attended most of the cons, it gets old. Naturally some one had to ask if Claudia would sing. I think Claudia thought about it for a minute before saying, no. Then the question of all questions was asked, by my evil twin: Who is the better kisser, Ben or Michael Shanks. Claudia never really gave us a straight answer, but much teasing and laughing followed. At one point Claudia had to “go”. So Ben had the stage to himself for a bit and decided that it would be cool to pull a prank on her. So he managed to convince the entire room to get up and leave when she returned. It was hilarious to see a roomful get up at once and start to leave.

More questions, and requests for hugs from Ben (when will people learn that this is a NO-NO at the cons??). Ben mentioned something about the next request for a hug would be for Claudia. I couldn’t resist the timing and hobbled up acting like I would be the one. I would NEVER really do that. I did eventually ask Claudia how fans with limited funds could help get One off the ground. She mentioned sending email to the producer and that folks could invest in it.

Then Ben had to “go” and Claudia plotted her revenge. Since they were still teasing each other due to Ry’s question, Claudia thought it would be funny to have a Michael Shanks look-a-like to be sitting in Ben’s seat when he returned. Sadly one could not be found, but a fan did have a pic of Shanks and it was placed in Ben’s seat. Ben’s reaction was priceless, he kissed the pic. LOL

Out of Their Minds – commentary –

While I was excited by this, I was disappointed due to the fact that it was very hard to hear Ben, Claudia and Froon’s comments. Hopefully they’ve done another one for the Starburst DVD editions of the show and we’ll actually be able to hear their commentaries.

I did not stay for the musical, sorry.

Sunday night –

Hung out in the bar/restaurant for dinner and got to razz Froon and FroonCheryl. Also got to share with them the reason for da boot and why I was so overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. See, back in October, my aunt passed way from breast cancer that had spread to her bones and brain. I had a rough 2003/2004 and was grateful to all my friends at the con and ManStud for getting me there. Froon and FroonC are such AWESOME folks. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know them.

I flew home sometime Monday, November 22nd.

Well that’s my shoddy report. This will teach me to do it during or immediately after the next con. For a better run down of the weekend, please read Dani’s report.

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