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Burbank 2002 Staff Reports: Dani
A log of Dani's journey to Burbank 2002...

By Dani Moure

NOTE: Photos from this event can be found in our Burbank Convention 2002 Gallery.

I thought of many different ways of presenting our coverage of the Official Farscape Convention 2002, which took place in Burbank, CA from the 22nd-24th November. Ultimately, I thought it'd be fun to separate the cast/crew talks from my actual report. So here you get a (hopefully) fun walkthrough of my Burbank experience.

My trip to Burbank was in fact the very first time I've travelled out of England alone. It's also only the second time in about 13 years that I've travelled abroad. I was nervous – going to a convention where I'd meet people I have know for ages, yet have never met. The internet is a strange thing. Anyhow, I arrived in sunny Burbank around 5pm on Wednesday 20th November, where the journey begins...

The arrival

I collected my luggage at Burbank, and around the corner was promptly met by Mary (y'know, the lass that helps out with the site). It was kind of surreal to meet her given that we'd been speaking ever since the inception of Farscape World coming close to two years before. She was just as I expected though, and on getting to the hotel I unpacked, and out we went to dinner. It was a rather cheap, but nice place, somewhere on San Fernando (I think, your American street names confuse the heck out of me). I was so tired that we went back to the hotel room relatively early, and I went to sleep, not knowing the horror that would await.

Burn in hell (and a trip to Hollywood)

OK, so that may sound a bit harsh, but sometimes I wonder if that's not far from what's meant for me! You see, at around 9am on Thursday I awoke to a thumping migraine. It was not pleasant, and a trifle embarrassing that I met Mary in person for the first time the night before, and then she witnesses me spending five hours taking trips to the bathroom and throwing up, with brief napping in between. Not pleasant, let me tell you. Nevertheless, at 2pm I decided no more, and out we went. Flash forward past some of the boring stuff to later that evening, when PKTechDude (aka Steve) calls Mary while we're in Kinko's. He picked us up in a limo (not one of the flash style ones, it was a small limo, but nonetheless, a limo it was), and took us on a grand tour all around Hollywood. It was absolutely fantastic to see all the sights (if a little dark), and I'd like to extend my thanks to Steve for a fantastic real start to the trip.

Another great start

Following a very nice day on Thursday, bar the migraine, I didn't think things could go wrong again. Sure enough, they could. As Mary and I are making another trip to Kinko's (we made several over the weekend), her lovely leased car blows a flat tyre. Great. We managed to get a spare on, and made it back to the con in plenty of time. Which was a very good thing.

Let the con commence!

Back we go to the hotel, and quickly pop down to register for the con (having missed pre-registration because we were touring Hollywood). Shortly after picking up our plaques, I spotted the Save Farscape table. My name was on a list that read "are you one of these people?" Great, as if I wasn't nervous enough, I was on a wanted list! We headed over and spoke with, I believe Makiko (who was very nice), who said I had to do some stamping, and promptly took me towards the toilets to introduce me to Deneba. She was a sweetie and just how I imagined her, and it was great to meet her. We were chatting when, just as we're walking past the convention hall's doors, I thought I heard someone shouting "Dani! Mary!" So in we headed, asked a couple of people, and sure enough we were directed to some strange rowdy woman in row B. That would be Cyn (SunKrux, moderator of our forums and Sun_Aeryn on some boards)! She was a sweetie, who was literally the exact same way I pictured her. She is exactly the same as she is online. Which is a great thing. She took us outside to meet Emeraldcity, another forum member, who was also fantastic and did a lot for us at the con! We soon headed inside as the day's proceedings were about to get underway.

Of Creation and Wayne

Before I go further, I thought I'd take a brief aside to point out that there was a lot to like about this year's con (my first ever convention), and indeed I had a blast. Creation deserve credit for not only allowing the Save Farscape table, but also not having a problem with flyers, being somewhat helpful with the site's staff (from what I understand) and also for playing the "I Am Farscape" commercial. However, there is a lot of room for improvement with the way Creation handles things, at least in my experience, and I will present some of the problems here. Though I'm sure the points may be filled with whit, the core points will hopefully serve as constructive criticism.

Anyhow, back to the convention, and first guest was the fantastic Wayne Pygram, known on screen to you and me as both Scorpius, and the infesting neural clone Harvey. Wayne was a blast on stage, told some interesting stories, including how he was very ill for a long time but that illness (an allergic reaction to wheat and grain) was only diagnosed this past January, so he's much better off now. Like everyone, he was gracious in fielding some fan questions.

Uh, get this crazy man off stage

Next up were some movie previews, music videos, a trivia game and some UK DVD extras. It would be here that I thought it'd be good if Creation got some better filler material for their cons. Nevertheless, after some quick chatting to more people in and around the place, Mary and I headed to the shops (Kinko's... again), since we hadn't made it earlier because of the stupid tyre. We returned in time to meet more people, including SorlkLewis, a fantastic Scaper who hangs out in a certain UK chat room, and has been known to post on our forums too. Again, what can I say but it was a great (dis)pleasure to finally meet her. Also she introduced me to Thinkum, another very nice lady, who just happens to run Snurcher's. It was around that time, I believe, that I picked up a few things for a couple of other people who couldn't make it to Burbank. Soon, we were heading back into the auditorium for the next speaker.

We made it in for the end of the auction (which I was determined to miss most of so I didn't do anything stupid), shortly after which the one and only Anthony Simcoe (he of the deep voice of D'Argo) burst on stage. Anthony was so energetic; anyone that's seen him onstage will probably tell you just how much fun he is to watch. He's like one big ball of energy, and listening to him and his stories was so much fun. He gave some great responses, gave plenty of attention to his bald spot, and, like many of the guests, went a little over his time. Whoops!

Shortly after Anthony's talk, day one autographs began. To be honest I don't have all that great an interest in collecting people's signatures (no offence intended to anyone), but I of course was at Burbank in part to meet the cast/crew in person, plus I was collecting autographs for other reasons, so when it came to us (we were row F... which is not a short wait), Mary and I queued up.

Creation Rant #1: Why oh why was it necessary for a Creation staff member to gabble in my ear as I was talking to Anthony? It's kind of rude. I had just said "hi" and shook his hand when suddenly I was distracted (I don't even know what he was saying), and moved on to the line for Wayne. So distracted in fact that I forgot to pick up the autographed photo, which Anthony was kind enough to hand to Creation guy for me. As if that wasn't frustrating enough, I didn't even get to say two words to Mr. Pygram (or shake his hand, something I was determined to do with all the guests) because the person behind me was shuffled along and I was pretty much barged out the way. Very annoying. Given this was my first ever convention, Creation or otherwise, and indeed my first autograph line, I was less than impressed.

Thankfully at the end of the line was Ricky Manning (Executive Producer) and lovely wife Cheryl. I actually got to say "hi" to the two of them (who I have chatted to before), which was very nice. It wasn't for very long, but still, it was void of any annoyances.

Rockin' to Number 96

Later that night was the first public performance of Anthony Simcoe and Wayne Pygram's band, Number 96. Anthony plays guitar and sings vocals, Wayne is on drums, one of the Farscape lighting people, Steve, also plays guitar and a man named Gerry plays bass guitar. Though they didn't originally have many songs to play, they were absolutely rocking and the audience just lapped it up. We wanted more, so once the planned set was up, Anthony did a guitar solo (that guy can sing pretty well!) and then the whole band returned to play a song Anthony had written earlier in the day, for which he hadn't memorised the words and so had to sing with the lyrics in hand. It'd be a safe bet to say that the band were a huge hit! We loved the performance, and indeed Raelee Hill, Lani Tupu, Gigi Edgley and others were in attendance, and Lani and Gigi were particularly enjoying rocking to the songs. It was really nice to see such a show of camaraderie; it really reminded me of how much of a family the whole cast and crew are. But anyway.

After the concert, Mary and I headed to the bar where we met up with some other fine Scapers (and indeed, some of the guests were also enjoying drinks). I didn't catch all the other fans names, but I do know that one was a nice woman called Zeena, who just happened to be seated next to us for the weekend. Anyhow, I had a few tequilas, and it was a blast. I also have no idea who paid for the drinks, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't me, so thanks to whomever did!

Legends and commentaries

The next morning, we went to get some lunch and go through some of the Lani Tupu questions. Some were really good, some hilarious, and some just plain silly. We noted down the main topics of interest, which we would then ask Lani later, and of course took another trip to Kinko's. On arriving back at the auditorium, we chatted to some more Scapers, and watched as Cyn was selected to play Harvey in the acting competition, before the next talk began.

Kent McCord was the next speaker (or should I say victim?), and he was fantastic on stage. He had a real presence, spoke very clearly, made some funny jokes and just came of as a real veteran. He talked about such things as playing Ben Browder's father, and indeed playing fathers a lot and working on season four, including in some more upcoming episodes. He also talked about his role as Treasurer of the Screen Actors' Guild, and talked in depth about how all of television in America is now controlled by about four companies, and how that impacts Farscape's chances, and indeed the chances of more creative ideas making their way on screen.

Creation Rant #2: Kent's talk was fantastic, unfortunately, the organisers decided to schedule a live commentary on "Into the Lion's Den, Part 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" with Ricky Manning ten minutes into Kent's autograph session. This frustrated me no end, as "Wolf" is one of my all-time Farscape favourites, and I was dying to hear what would be said about it, but I also really wanted to meet Kent. In the end, I opted to let Mary get his autograph for the others, while I stayed in my seat. But really, surely they could have scheduled it so the music videos, DVD extras or something had been during the autograph session? This one really frustrated me.

Nonetheless, the commentary went ahead, and Ricky Manning was joined by Lani Tupu and they talked through the episode, providing some great laughs and informative snippets about filming the episode and everything else.

Wow! We did do something productive!

Following the commentary we headed out to the lobby area, to conduct our interview with Lani Tupu. We managed to get all our questions in, and Lani was most gracious with both his time and honest answers. He was really nice, and it was great fun to do (even if I was a little tired – perhaps intimidated – in doing my first face-to-face interview). I'd like to personally thank both Mr. Tupu and his PA Jean for both being absolute stars, and for being so gracious with time under the circumstances. So "thank you both, very much"!

"Acting" and actresses

Next up was the pretty hilarious "acting" competition. A couple of the groups were pretty good, and one... wasn't so good, but all provided some laughs. Cyn was hilarious as Harvey, but the final group provided the most laughs overall (mainly thanks to their Harvey) and got the popular vote (sorry Cyn, but they were funny).

Up next was Claudia Black. Another veteran of Creation cons, she is one of the highest on most fans' must-see lists. This was both good... and bad. She came out to a roving reception, and began to make some kind of hot chocolate, from melting some chocolate, or something similar. Unfortunately it was kind of difficult to see what she was doing, but it was still fun to see her on stage (I'd been looking forward to seeing her since her and Ben's visit to the UK was cancelled last year due to the horrific events). She soon perked up and started telling stories, and even called one Ben Browder from on stage, since he sadly couldn't be there due to finishing up on the final episodes of the show. She did however field questions...

Creation Rant #3: I really, really think it would be a very good idea for Creation to screen questions before they're asked. At the very least, to stop people taking items up to the stage during Q&As. Don't get me wrong, I think gifts for the guests, such as con books and so forth, are lovely, but on the other hand, I really think they should be presented either in the autograph line or somewhere else. The reason I think this is simple; Claudia fielded questions for somewhere between 35 and 45 minutes or so. In that time, she got about 4 decent questions. Many of the people who got to ask questions instead decided to a) talk about themselves or b) present them with gifts. While this was maybe nice the first or second time, it got very dull, very quickly.

Now before people think I'm bitching because I didn't get to ask my question because time ran out, that didn't bother me with Claudia, because I knew I'd get to see her two weeks later in the UK. But for many people, this was their one and only chance to see Claudia in the flesh, and we all know that she's the one cast member that people always want to see interviews for, get to meet and so forth. I found it rather selfish that people would go up to the stage and talk about themselves or give gifts, when such other people have paid to see Claudia, and to hear Claudia talk. Quite frankly, after spending $350 on a ticket, I could do without "I'll show Claudia my pet iguana to get attention" (although the iguana thing is a whole other story that pisses me off no end). What perhaps annoyed me more is that it happened so much more with Claudia than anyone else (who got the odd gift, presented quickly), and quite frankly it seemed like some of the fans just wanted the spotlight turned on them. As such, some form of filtering by Creation, even if only for Claudia (since people seemed able to restrain themselves for everyone else) would probably be a good idea. I realise that opinion may annoy some people, but I'm sorry, I just felt bad for the people that paid $350 to see Claudia, amongst other things, and got to hear more about the fans during her talk.

Still, at least we got to hear about Claudia's most embarrassing moment (which was hilarious)!

Then came the autograph line. It was only Ricky Manning and Cheryl (Ricky graciously signing another autograph for a friend), and of course, Claudia.

Creation Rant #4: Yes, another frustrating autograph line. Now, I do understand that in-depth conversations are not acceptable at the autograph table, because the lines are long enough as it is. However, I think a quick hello, thanks for coming, and a handshake isn't too much to ask. My rant here isn't so much about that, as it is about the again rude staff-members. The constant uttering of "don't say anything except hello" was extremely frustrating, as was almost everything that a certain staff member said. Luckily, presumably because there was additional security on entry to the backstage area, and because there were only two people autographing, only one staff member was ushering the queue. So yes, I was happy, because I got to say a quick "hi" to Claudia (in an amusing little, "hi, I just wanted to say 'hi'" star-struck kind of moment), and I got my handshake. Claudia was extremely gracious, and I was happy that I didn't get the rush along this time (perhaps they appreciated my swiftness?).

Cocktails and greetings

There wasn't much time from getting back to the hotel room to get changed ready for the evening's cocktail party. This event was a blast. After arriving fairly early to find no one that we knew, we soon spotted Cyn and her girl-Mafia heading for the table right near the door... so we promptly went over and took up residence on said table. After explaining what the "^_^" smiley represents (with Mary and Cyn both rudely drawing on the table cloth), and some more ensuing banter, the guests arrived. Wayne, Anthony, Raelee and Gigi all made it (and for those that don't know, Claudia flew out after her autograph session, so there's a reason she wasn't there), although again, the planning left a lot to be desired.

Creation Rant #5: This is another event that really needs to be planned better. Having each guest start in a different corner and work their way round would be great. Although it'd probably be too difficult to practically work out, having each guest spend an even amount of time at each table would also be a very good thing. I will say that it is a tough thing to manage practically, but what left a lot to be desired again were some Creation employees' manners. Their near manhandling of the crew was not fun. I bore witness to both one person hounding Wayne Pygram when he got to our table, and Gigi had literally barely said "hi" to our table before she was literally pulled away by her arm. I have to think there's a better way to manage this.

Despite the problems, I enjoyed this even immensely. Raelee Hill was the first guest to make it to our table (ignore Cyn, she's wrong about the order), and she was just lovely. After saying hi to everyone on our table, she got to Mary, who briefly told her about the site, and then mentioned me, from England. Ms. Hill was gracious enough to then come and chat with me for a short while about the country (having just come from here herself), and she was so gracious that I can't thank her enough.

After Raelee was dragged away, Gigi Edgley was next over, but the aforementioned "hi" followed by dragging left me with little hope... Until Mary ran after her and said she really needed to speak to me, since I came from England (going all that way really did have some advantages!). Gigi kindly came over for a quick hug and brief chat about an upcoming UK convention, followed by a picture opportunity (and I'd like to apologise to both Gigi and her minder for almost knocking her drink out of his hand after the photo). Bless her, she was so bouncy!

Wayne Pygram came over next, and chatted to several of the ladies. Since they were in heaven, I decided to step back, although again, before I could even say "hi" he'd been snagged from the table. Nevertheless, the girls, especially Cyn, seemed in heaven, so I was pleased. I know they mentioned how much his performance rocked the night before, which it really did.

Finally, Anthony Simcoe made his way over, sat down, had his head rubbed by several of the girls and was generally as energetic and fun as he had been on stage. Again, having taken so much of the women's time, I said very little to Anth myself, but the ladies on the table seemed to enjoy his company a lot! He also apologised for the lack of time to talk, and was soon rushed off. It was nice of him to come back in though (he'd left before getting to our table, but came back in to finish the rounds). Again, very gracious and really nice.

Soon after that, forum member dmadhatter came over for a chat, and indeed there was an awful lot of chatting on our table as a whole. The one and only Ricky Manning and wife Cheryl made an appearance, prompting a chant of "Froon!" from everyone else and "Cheryl!" from our table! Froon was mobbed by adoring fans, so I barely got to say hi again, but I did have a nice little chat with Cheryl about England (and got some fab photos of our table and the couple). Positively tired, we returned to the hotel room, where I promptly went to bed.

You have GOT to be kidding me!

Waking up the next morning, Mary and I headed to a lovely Scaper breakfast at some place I can't remember the name of. After our initial isolation, we met some people who talked briefly with us about the site, which was nice. I admit I acted kind of scared when people mentioned the site (mainly because it was so weird when people were saying "oh, you're Dani!"), but it was nice to chat to the readers all the same! Then we pulled up chairs to the loud table, where we joined Cyn (surprise), Emeraldcity, Aughra, Ryalin and someone whose name I forgot (I'm so sorry, but she was lovely!). The meal was nice, despite the confusion over how I wanted my eggs (thanks to Mary, I nearly said "cooked". Bitch). Nonetheless, it was nice to chat to everyone, and I had a great time (again).

Next we headed to the Goodyear tyre dealer to get the flat replaced. Unfortunately, neither the tyre nor the person she'd been talking to were there, so she called the car leaser's (Chrysler) who said they'd get us all sorted on Monday morning. So off we go, about to return to Kinko's, when... We run out of petrol (gas, to the American inclined). I kid you not. So off we walk to the station to get some petrol, which I, like a gentleman (see, I can be one), carried it back to the car.

Lost in a world of redheads and writers

Zooming back to the convention, we arrived a little bit after one Lani Tupu came on stage.

Lani was, like all the guests, a real blast. I missed the beginning of his talk, so entered during the Q&A session. There were definitely a couple of flustered fans (Ryalin) and of course, the usual suspects asking about a certain other show (Cyn). Still, Lani is a pleasure to listen to and he certainly had some interesting tales to tell. He even got one of the audience on stage to demonstrate his Pilot voice, live on stage.

Next up was Raelee Hill. This was her first convention, but when she came out singing, you wouldn't have thought it. She was very lively and energetic on stage, and told of her first day on set and how she originally met one Ben Browder. Her story of her first shot (straddling Ben in John's module) was hilarious. When she opened up for questions, I couldn't resist, so plucked up the courage to go up to the stage. Apparently, I was stumbling over my words. Well, what did you expect! Anyhow, I asked her something about being the new girl on the show and how she moulded Sikozu in the first episode, and she answered in-depth (which you can read in the separate reports). Off I plodded back to my seat, again a little star-struck (Ms. Hill is gorgeous in person), and she continued to answer her questions. Imagine my surprise then, when she began to mention her recent holiday locations, and when she got to London she mentioned that there was a "British boy in the audience", summarily pointing me out (making me both stoked and embarrassed at the same time). Anyway, Raelee was a real star in her talk.

Following Raelee was Farscape executive producer, writer and fan-favourite Ricky Manning, who did a Q&A. He started by answering some of the most asked questions to get them out of the way (such as will Farscape be back and what we can do to help). He then opened up the floor, and was gracious with his time, going well over what was allotted.

Not so ener-Gigi and a surprise package

After Froon's talk, Mary and I headed out again to get the things we couldn't earlier, thanks to running out of petrol. After a mad dash around Burbank, we finally made it to Circuit City who, thankfully, had some xD picture cards for my camera at a reasonable price. On heading back to Burbank, unfortunately we realised that Gigi didn't come on stage at 5pm, but actually she was scheduled for 4.25pm (although luckily, everything was running behind).

So yes, when Gigi Edgley first burst on to stage, we weren't there. We did get back just in time for the start of the Q&A, but a bit too late for me to run up and ask a question. Darn. Never mind. Poor Gigi deserves oodles of credit for getting on stage and talking so much, since she was actually ill on the Sunday. She still managed to tell some fine stories, and indeed demonstrated her fire-twirling abilities with some props that one of the fans had brought. She was great on stage, not quite the ener-Gigi that she usually is (or so I'm told), but I can't wait till the UK con next year to find that out. As her talk was about ready to end, out comes Mr. Creation, who most of us thought had come to tell her to finish. But no, he had a surprise package for her. She popped her head backstage, and out pops said package...

The one and only Farscape über-god, David Kemper. David came up on stage and was trying to set up calling some people who couldn't be there on his mobile, although he was unsuccessful. In the mean time, Gigi fielded more questions, including another question from Cyn, who promptly fobbed of David Kemper. Bah, is she crazy? Anyhow, Gigi chatted some more, she and David clearly having fun on stage together (seriously, they make a great duo!), and continuing to answer questions. A short time later, once David had given up on the phone calls, he fielded questions, and answered most graciously. Thankfully, Mr. Kemper understood the lack of time, so when people started to babble, he had no qualms about moving them along. He also talked about the amazing efforts to save the show, and how we really need to get as many people as possible watching the final 11 episodes.

Sadly, it was over all too soon. While we waited some two hours for our row to be called, I finally jumped at the chance to chat with Froon (and give him something to drink), and we also wasted away the hours saying goodbye to a few people, including the fantastic Deneba, speaking with SorlkLewis, Cyn and several other people, and I also finally got to meet the infamous Maayan, who, like almost the entire SaveFarscape team, was really sweet.

The last goodbye

Chatting certainly helped ease the wait, as I also grabbed the opportunity to get some lovely photos with many of the fans that I hadn't yet snapped. Then, our row was called, and on to the autograph line we went.

After the rather long wait (and meeting Jennhi in the line), we finally made it to the autograph area. Raelee was up first, and so while David held up the queue, Raelee and I had another quick chat. Moving on, we had one David Kemper. Someone who I've wanted to meet for an age. Which leads me into...

Creation Rant #6, Finale: Yet another gripe with the autograph line. While the staff ushering us along weren't so over-bearing, I was still annoyed. I just said "hi, thanks for coming" to David, and shook his hand, when I was summarily interrupted. Now, I realise there's limited time. I'm not stupid. I just wanted to say something along the lines of "I love your work, you rock". But no, I was denied the opportunity by the Creation staff member that decided to interrupt me mid-sentence and pull me along. This was very annoying. Yes, it's a disadvantage of not being in the first couple of rows, as they had been signing for ages, but still, I may never get to meet Mr. Kemper again, and all I wanted to say to him was one more sentence. Colour me frustrated. The one reason I will not get too angry though, is that poor Gigi was next in line.

As mentioned before, Gigi was sick and bless her, she'd been there for ages. As such, I just said I hope she gets well, and mentioned to her that I'd see her next year, and kept it brief. She really looked like she'd had enough, but she battled on to the end, poor woman. She rocks for doing so, though.

The finale

After the day's events, we were invited to join Ryalin and someone else (sorry, again I forgot the name, but she was really nice) for dinner at the hotel restaurant. As we were on our way I said what I thought would be goodbye to SL, and summarily missed Wayne Pygram again, as he walked past. Anyone would think he purposely avoided me! Hehe. Anyway, we ate and we chatted, and Dani was rude enough to swear at Cyn when she came along (I must apologise again, I don't usually swear at the dinner table). Ryalin was kind enough to pay for dinner (thank you so much, it was lovely), and once finished we went and said goodbye to the fantastic Emeraldcity, and also Lani Tupu (I didn't want to intrude, but likewise didn't want to be ignorant). Off we headed back to Cyn's room, I took her luggage down to Ryalin's car, we said our goodbyes, and parted ways.

Mary and I headed back to our room, where, on turning the TV on, I was subjected to the first Harry Potter film. Oh, the pain. I took the opportunity to call home, and soon after went to bed.

Let's go see Mickey!

The next morning we saw SL in the hotel again, and she'd already checked out. Sadly, she couldn't join us on our trip because her plane left too early, which was a shame because she'd have had a great time. Nevertheless, we got up early for a reason, and drove to the Chrysler dealer to get the tyre sorted. The man, whose name escapes me, was the rudest a-hole I've ever encountered, and was extremely unhelpful. We didn't let that stop us though, and so we went and rented a car and set off for Disneyland. Not long after, we arrived, and it was marvellous. We checked out all the major rides (except the Matterhorn, which was closed). The Star Wars simulation was great fun, the Haunted House was magnificent, and in general all the rides were just great. Being a huge Disney fan, immersing myself in the atmosphere was easy (if marred by the annoying kids and the parents who like to stop dead right in front of you with their buggies). Space Mountain rocks. If you go to Disneyland, you must go on this ride. Space Mountain is fantastic. One of the best-designed roller-coasters I've ever been on. The Indiana Jones ride was also great fun. After a long day at Disneyland (it was all worth it though), we headed back to the hotel. We took a quick detour to Barnes & Noble in hopes they'd have some manga I wanted (they didn't), and Fry's was closed, so we couldn't even see if they had any of the DVDs I was after.

Final log

We soon crashed out, after I'd prepared my clothes for packing. Up the next morning, we packed, prepared to leave and checked out. We did take a quick visit to Fry's, where I found just one of the possible DVDs I had thought about getting. We then headed off to Burbank airport, where I said goodbye to Mary, checked in and began the long journey home. Thankfully, despite high winds and lots of turbulence, the journey was a safe one, and I summarily crashed out when I got home (and slept 14 hours the next day).

As a final note, I'd like to say a few extra words. The staff over at SaveFarscape deserve a huge round of applause for their work at the "Save Farscape" table over the weekend. My props to Deneba, cofax, Red, Maayan, Fialka, Max and the other staff-members I met over the weekend. They were all lovely, put in a lot of hard work and really need to be thanked.

Despite some pet peeves, Creation does deserve thanks for not having a problem with the table or the flyers, and also for playing the "I Am Farscape" commercial. Despite my "rants", I do understand the difficulties in balancing things out, and I wish some fans would help them along by showing some restraint at times. The whole "I'll bring an iguana to get attention" thing was not funny the first time, let alone this one. A bit of restraint would go a long way to help Creation, who perhaps need to be a little more relaxed.

I'd also like to say an extra "hi" to everyone who said hello at the con, whether they're visitors to the site or not (although that earns extra brownie points!), and it was a pleasure to meet (almost) all of you.

Also a special shout out to Mary, who is great in person, just as funny as I expected; Cyn who is the spitting image of her online persona, loud and all the better for it (I send you more hugs); Emeraldcity who needs an extra special thanks for her work; the aforementioned SaveFarscape staff, SL, Ryalin and all the other fans who I've chatted to for ages and finally got to meet.

A big thanks too to all the guests, especially Lani Tupu for his gracious interview time; Raelee Hill for making my weekend; Gigi Edgley for being so bouncy; Froon and FrCh for being so wonderful; Claudia Black for having a lot of fun; David Kemper for turning up as a surprise; and last but by no means least Anthony and Wayne (and Steve and Gerry) for bringing the house down with their band and being fantastic sports both on and off stage. And I think that's me done.

If you have any comments or questions about this report, or just want to say "hi", feel free to click here to e-mail me.

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