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Burbank 2002 Staff Reports: Cyn
Forum moderator Cyn's account of the Burbank weekend...

By Cyn (SunKrux/Sun_Aeryn)

NOTE: Photos from this event can be found in our Burbank Convention 2002 Gallery.

Unofficial Day One – November 21st

I flew in on Thursday with Emeraldcity from ever so "sunny" Seattle – ok for once this was true. Once in Burbank EC and I got settled in our rooms. EC doesn’t do roomies.I on the other hand have no problem with roomies. My roomies for the weekend were Shell – Zhaansacolyte/Roxton’s Lady/CraisCraver (and people thought I had an identity problem ), Marie – ChaoticDreamer and Julie – Ryalin (that’s right, my evil twin). Marie didn’t’ show up until Friday. Shell, Julie and I had the room for that night. Julie drove from SD right after work. I called her a few times as she was driving, of course CA traffic tried to keep her from getting to the con…but being my evil twin, Julie didn’t’ let a little thing like traffic stop her. Once she finally made it and was settled…the three of us hung out in the lobby for a while with other Scapers. Then we all migrated to the bar/restaurant until pre-registration.

Registration was ever so much fun. We stood in line to get a lovely armband (that we couldn’t take off all weekend…it was a lovely shade of bluish-green this year) and a plaque of a member of the cast (excluding Claudia…as for some reason, her autograph sells – more on the this later). We wandered around looking at the dealer’s room and all the fun stuff set up to suck us dry. I met several old friends. Not as in age old - you frellnicks, as in friends I’d made the first year. Back to those plaques - they were of Scorpy, Chiana, D’Argo, and John – those are the ones I remember. Julie got John and was NOT letting it go.

She just reminded me of something she did before registration...now that she’s left the room…I can tell you all what happened. While hanging in the bar with me and all the other crazed Scapers, Julie had a couple of glasses of wine and was convinced by my evil friend, Michael that she should buy Lani (pronounced Lonnie) Tupu a drink. *waits for people to pick their jaws up off the floor* You heard me…she bought the man – a stranger to her – a drink. When Lani stood up to thank her…she promptly put her head down on the table so he couldn’t see her. She mentioned something about the floor opening up and swallowing her. Then we left the bar and started over to pre-registration. EC came after us, grabbed Julie and drug her back to the bar to meet Lani. Julie was sooooo frellin’ adorable. She blushed, wouldn’t look Lani in the face and told him “your welcome”. It was all I could do to get her to stop hitting the ceiling for the rest of the weekend. I don’t believe she washed that hand all weekend.

I started out with a plaque of Chiana (Gigi Edgely) and traded it for a D’Argo (Anthony Simcoe). With the D’Argo plaque in hand I walked around the dealer’s room saying Got a D’Argo, any one want a D’Argo, willing to trade for a Scorpy I eventually had a taker. We traded and all was well.

After all the excitement of getting our armbands, plaques and Julie buying strange men drinks, we went to our room for a few hours of shut eye.

Official Day One – November 22nd

The con kicked off at around 12:30ish with the first round of fan made music videos. I think I missed several of those as I was out in the lobby catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Of course, when 1 PM rolled around…my eema was glued to seat B-20 (Julie says the B stands for B*&^h. *shrugs* don’t know why she’d say a thing like that to me. ). Why was I glued to that seat? two words – Wayne Pygram!! Julie doesn’t get why I find him so hot & sexy. As far as I’m concerned, she doesn’t have to.

Wayne (Scorpy) was wonderful as usual. Several people asked him questions and he talked about how ill he’d been and that finally this year his doc was able to find out what the problem is. He’s allergic to wheat and other grains. He looks and feels much better now. I managed to worm my way up the line to ask him if he’d don the lizard suit again for TLW. He said he wouldn’t mind doing TLW again…just not as a lizard…he doesn’t want to get typecast as “You know...that guy that does aliens/lizard suits”. I mentioned his appearance on TOTSS as well. Oh, when I asked him about TLW I heard a few crazed TLW Scapers screaming in the back. I can only guess it was LJohnC, LostAngel, and TiggerScaper.

After Wayne, we saw more fan made vids. Bless Creation’s heart…they coughgracedcough us with movie ads. That pretty much cleared out the room. LOL After the movie ads…we were shown extras from the UK/European DVD releases…in other words…stuff that’s not on the US DVDs. I missed those as well. I also missed the FS Trivia game. After the trivia game we saw a fairly well made music vid, by a 12 year-old Scaper.

Next up…Australia’s answer to the Energizer Bunny Rabbit – Anthony Simcoe (D’Argo). Anth was all over the stage, making it difficult to take piccies. He was his normal, insane, funny self. He talked about the band he, Wayne, and a couple of other blokes started; even explained how they came up with the name, Number 96, for the band. Apparently back in the 70’s in Oz there was a rather cheesy soap called Number 96. He answered questions…I didn’t ask him any.

After Anth was finished talking it was time to line up for autographs with Anth, Wayne, and Richard “FrooniumRicky” aka “Froon” Manning. While waiting for my turn to get Anth’s autograph…I decided I’d ask him if I could rub his head. He’s got a buzz cut and it looks good on him. He let me…let me tell you this…his hair is soft. Once autographs were done…we broke for dinner. After dinner…we were treated to a concert from the band Number 96. They were AWESOME! They are a rock –n- roll band. The fans surprised them by the wonderful response to their music. Anth has a pretty good voice.

Yet another Julie story. Ha, I bet this is the last time she lets me do a con report. After the concert we all went to the hotel restaurant/bar and hung out…had a few drinks (well Julie did…earlier in the day she got some bad news from work…and it was my job to get her drunk…). In the space of roughly 40 minutes, she downed 4 Kamikazes. That’s how bad the news was at work. Anyway…Julie was feeling nothing and is actually quite cute and funny (even more than she is normally) when “pissed”. She doesn’t really remember speaking with Lani Tupu again that night…but she did. She didn’t even geek out.

Day Two – November 23rd

This day kicked off at around 12:15 with more of the European/UK DVD extras and a video with David Kemper, Executive Producer and head fan torturer. Then more music vids (there was a contest…don’t remember who won it). After this round of music vids was the “Be a Farscape actor”. Richard Manning (Froon), executive producer and writer, wrote a “missing scene” from an eps and called on three sets of three fans to act it out. I of course volunteered (tried to get Julie to volunteer as well) and was the only female “Harvey” (the Scorpy neural clone). The only draw back to participating in the “Be a FS actor”, I missed the cast salute videos and most of Kent McCord’s time on stage. He has definitely aged well. . I did get his autograph right after his talk. Froon did “FS Pyramid”. Then they ran “Into the Lion’s Den; part 2” and held the auction, which I missed as I was practicing my part. Then my “big break” came. The group I was in was the second best group…and several people said they thought I did a good job. It was a lot of fun. Once we amateurs were finished…it was time for a seasoned pro to take center stage…

Claudia Black was up. She brought gifts for a couple of fans. The gifts were these amazing little things (the name she used escapes me now) to make hot chocolate with. I have to get me one of those things!

She shared a rather embarrassing story that Anth suggested we ask her about. I’m guessing she had a little talk with him later. She talked about her ski trip that happened shortly after the show was cancelled and what happened on it. Poor dear…she really shouldn’t have listened to her boyfriend. LOL She was gorgeous and gracious, as usual. I don’t remember if I got to ask her a question or not. Once she was done talking…it was time for autographs. As the person who compiled her con book…I got to wait (and Julie did as well) till the end of the line of autograph hounds to give her the book. I had a “prop” that was used in one of the S3 eps. I had to explain just about everyone, except Claudia, what it was. When I set it down, Claudia picked it up…turned it over and had a huge grin on her face.
Cyn – “Do you know what that is?”
Claud – “Of course, it’s a bomb.”

Then she and the Creation person helping her debated which kind of pen she should use to sign it with. She didn’t want it to get messed up. I was floating…didn’t even mind that I didn’t get my piccie with her yet again. She had requested no photographs during the autograph session. Julie actually spoke…that’s right, actually spoke to Claudia. Up to this point, Julie hadn’t been able to speak to the cast/crew. She would just turn white and say nothing. She actually told Claudia how much she enjoyed watching her work and told her what her fav eps were. Claudia shook her hand, smiled, asked her name and said thank you. Julie was floating even higher now. First Lani and then Claudia…it’s a wonder Julie slept that night. LOL

Once autographs were done it was time to get ready for the cocktail party. The cast members who appeared for this were, Wayne, Anth, Gigi Edgely (Chiana) and Raelee Hill (Sikozu). Later Froon and his lovely wife, Cheryl, entered the party. As they entered, some fans started chanting “Ricky”. Well not to be out done by those Froon groupies, I decided that we should all chant “Cheryl”. We (Julie, my friends, Mary F., and Carla) all chanted rather loudly. It had the desired effect…Cheryl turned a lovely shade of pink. She is such a wonderful woman. She and Ricky genuinely LOVE the fans. I insisted that Cheryl and Froon take a piccie with the Cheryl and Froon groupies. It’s a wonderful piccie. When I get home I’ll upload it and send a link so it can be scene.

Gigi was the first one to make it to our table- we all took piccies with her. Then Raelee stopped by. She is ADORABLE(she is actually quite gorgeous but her personality is what makes her so frellin’ adorable)! When I mentioned that I enjoyed her on TLW she blushed and talked a bit about her experience. We all got piccies with her. Then they left to smooze with other fans. Then Wayne came to our table. He must have spent at least 5 minutes (sorry guys and gals who didn’t get to see him) at our table talking with us, especially MissyKat/Mary F. I finally got the nerve up to ask him if I could rub his head. Ok, I admit it…I have a thing for rubbing guys heads when they have a buzz cut. He has soft, peach fuzz type hair. Eventually Anth made his way to our table…I once again asked to rub his head, others followed suit. It was wonderful to see them so relaxed and enjoying themselves. Once they all cleared out…so did Julie and I. I was getting a headache…I think lack of sleep might have been a part of it.

Day Three – November 24th – the final day

Kick off was at 12:20 with another Farscape video salute. At 12:30 Lani Tupu (Captain Crais and voice of Pilot, and Julie’s new lust interest) came on stage. He had been signing autographs and taking photos - for a nominal fee, it’s how he makes money, heck…it’s how most of the FS cast makes money atm, considering that they didn’t really make all that much while working on FS and Creation pays them squat for attending the cons – more on this later. Julie actually got up and asked him a question…but almost didn’t ask him…as when she got to the mike, Lani said “Hello Julie”. She almost did a 180 and left. But she braved it and asked him about his time on TLW. Contrary to what I’ve heard before…he genuinely enjoyed working on TLW…he said so himself. To prove to some fans that Pilot’s voice isn’t all that digitally enhanced…he read a bit of Pilot while a lucky fan got to read John for him. Lani is a true delight and an amazing man. Ask Julie.

Next up were more fan made vids. Most of the fan made vids were awesome. I applaud each fan that entered the contest.

After that, Raelee Hill (Sikozu/Redheaded witch from A Witch’s Calling) came on singing a bit of the song “On a Clear Day” (from one of my fav movies – On a Clear Day). She is this tiny little bundle of energy (not quite like Anth…but close). I saw her in the hallway with Gigi the night before and she now has short hair. It looks great! Julie was with me and amazed that I’d talked to them like I would anyone else. I said hi to them both and mentioned Raelee’s haircut and that it looked good. Now back to her time on stage; when she finished singing she mentioned when Tammy McIntosh (Jool) was at the con last year that Tammy had done cartwheels or handsprings. Raelee’s response to that was I’m not an acrobat, baby. She then went on to discuss how she got the role of Sikozu. She had actually auditioned for Grazya but was told that she wasn’t mean/wicked enough. She was then told to come back and they would figure something out for her. Before we knew it she was taking questions. Julie asked her what it was like being the “new chic” on the show. Raelee talked about the fact that she’s been on a few other shows that were well established and that it is sometimes tough but she manages to come out on top. A few more fans asked questions – bit of digression here…I had done the fan books for Claudia, Tammy and Fran Buller. I also wound up doing part of Raelee’s book as well. Xill (the fan who volunteered for Raelee’s book) had trouble with her e-mail account for the book. I didn’t want Raelee to miss out…so I took over). Xill emailed me the night before I left for the con about the fan book…I told her we’d meet up at the con and put it together. Well, fate seemed to be against this happening…Xill was ill most of the weekend (she’s fine now) so we didn’t actually see each other until she was in line to ask Raelee a question. She handed Raelee half of the fan book while mentioning that someone had the other half…I then raised my hand, from the other side of the stage and said “I have it and will give it to you later”. Raelee and the audience got a laugh.

When I was finally able to ask Raelee a question…I did my duty as a good TLW fan and asked about her time on the TLW set. I asked her what it was like torturing Will Snow and David Orth. She enjoyed the time on TLW, said it was a very laid back set and that everyone was wonderful. She mentioned that she’s known Will for years and that David is a soft-spoken gentleman (always opening doors and the like).

After Raelee we were subjected to more Richard “Froon” Manning. He is a funny, sarcastic and very sweet (geeky, as Julie says) man. In fact he is DA MAN! He genuinely enjoys hanging out with the fans. He answered some questions until the Creation people had to drag him off stage so they could show ]Revenging Angel. The costume contest and another auction followed. I missed both as I wanted to go hang with friends.

Once all the other stuff was over…Gigi Edgley (Chiana) came on. Unfortunately the poor dear was ill. She was a trooper. She granted a fans request to do the “flaming poy balls” thing with some fake ones. It was amazing! As I was waiting in line to ask her a question, Adam (one of Creation’s owners) came out. I thought “s*&^ Q & A is over” boy was I wrong…he just wanted to tell her that she had a package backstage. She went back stage to retrieve it. As she drug it out on stage we learned that her package was none other than David Kemper, in the flesh. What a surprise for all fans! I then asked Gigi about her time on TLW As Lani and Raelee stated, she enjoyed her time on TLW. I also asked her what it was like to be eaten by a giant man eating plant and what it was like to work with Rachel Blakely. She talked about how she had to stand around several puppeteers. As she looked up she notices a bucket of goo being poured over her (she mentioned what it was…but this being a family board…I’ll just leave it at that). She said that Rachel was wonderful to work with.

David and Gigi talked and joked around as fans asked questions…but all too soon it was time for autographs. As I had done with Claudia’s book, I waited until the end of the line to get my autographs so I wouldn’t hold up the line with giving Raelee the other half of her fan book. As I handed Raelee the fan book and my photo…I asked if I could get a piccie with her. I was told if I would wait until everyone else (fans that is) had gone through…I would possibly get the piccie. Well Raelee finished up before Kemper and Gigi did (as she was first in line) and started to leave. I managed to catch her before she totally left and snagged a piccie with her.

Julie was hungry so she went to eat with some of our friends while she waited on me. When I finally finished…I met her at the hotel’s restaurant. We said good-bye to our friends. I stopped at EC’s table (she was with Lani and a friend of his, EC lucky bi*&) to say good-bye. Julie joined me soon after. She got to speak with Lani again. Sweetheart that she is wouldn’t hug Lani (believe me folks, he offered) because she didn’t want him to catch her cold.

My friends, Dani (a rather hot looking British young man) and Mary helped us get our bags to Julie’s car. We talked for a bit and then Julie called it a night and we left. We made it to SD in about two hours, exhausted but both very happy!

Just wanted to add that it was a pleasure to finally meet Dani and Mary. When I get my piccies downloaded to my puter (not home atm...still on vacation) I'll be posting the good ones somewhere online. Sadly, the ones I took of Dani and Mary in line asking cast/crew questions didn't turn out right. Sorry guys!

Thus ends my long boring con report. I’m off to bed now…have to get up early to help Julie finish cooking Thanksgiving. Laters!

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