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Xhalax Sun
The battle-hardened Peacekeeper, out for revenge and seeking redemption...

Xhalax Sun first appeared in the episode Thanks for Sharing.

NOTE/SPOILERS: This profile is updated through to events in #10317 "The Choice".

Senior Officer Xhalax Sun was a strong woman. As an otherwise successful Peacekeeper pilot, she made one mistake; she fell in love. Rather than having a child simply to fill the ranks, she and her mate Talyn Lyczak chose to have a child, and they had the child in an act of love. Unfortunately, this goes against Peacekeeper beliefs that sex should be merely a form of recreation, and emotions and relationships should be kept distant. Following the birth of their daughter, whom they named Aeryn Sun, Xhalax chose to visit a very young Aeryn in the barracks one night and told her that her life was not an accident or an assigned birthing to fill the ranks; that she had been conceived in love, and that makes her special.

Peacekeeper High Command became aware of Xhalax's visit, and since what she did was against their principals she was given a heartbreaking choice – a chance to redeem herself; either Talyn or Aeryn had to die. Having to make the choice tore her apart, but out of love for her child, Xhalax chose to kill Talyn.

Xhalax was soon forced to join a Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad; a group of Peacekeepers who are sent to do covert work and recovery for High Command.

Many cycles later, Aeryn was deemed irreversibly contaminated by Captain Crais, following her meeting the human John Crichton on the prison-ship, Moya. She then remained aboard Moya with a group of escaped prisoners, all of whom were on the run from Peacekeepers. When Scorpius forced Captain Crais out of his own command, Crais fled with the result of his own project – a Leviathan (bio-mechanoid ship) gunship, Moya's offspring, which Aeryn had already named Talyn, after her father. High Command wanted Talyn back, as he was the first successful experiment – all other attempts to breed Leviathan gunships had failed. But they also wanted Crais. Seeing an opportunity for leverage, since Aeryn had served under Crais and because of her connection to Talyn and Moya, Xhalax was put in command of the retrieval squad assigned to capture and return both Crais and Talyn to High Command, unaware of Aeryn's association.

Xhalax had been pursuing Crais and Talyn, and managed to attack them before being barely chased off by Talyn. The gunship had been heavily damaged by the attack, and so when Moya and crew found Talyn and Crais in the injured state, and took them to a planet to get supplies necessary for the healing of Talyn, Xhalax used it as an opportunity to get to them. She had recruited a group of Colartas, mercenary aliens with the ability to take the form of other beings, and sent one of them to the planet where it killed and took the form of one of the sovereigns. It then managed to poison the supply of chromextin that was sold to Moya's crew for Talyn, but the crew discovered the poison and managed to filter it out before it had paralysed Talyn. When Xhalax and the rest of the squad arrived, Moya's crew managed to flee, but only by splitting up, with half staying on Moya and the other half, including Aeryn and Crais, staying aboard Talyn. However, they had only managed to use a third of the needed chromextin to heal Talyn, so he remained injured.

Xhalax tracked Talyn to a jungle planet which was filled with vines with healing properties. This was where Talyn's crew had decided to set down to help Talyn get back to full strength. On the planet, Xhalax finds John Crichton, Crais and Aeryn wandering through the jungle in an attempt to draw the squad away from Talyn. After a gunfight ensues, she and Aeryn had been separated from everyone else, and in a fistfight Aeryn manages to knock Xhalax unconscious. When Xhalax awakens, Aeryn tells Xhalax she is her daughter, and is no longer a Peacekeeper, so a surprised Xhalax concludes that Aeryn must be a renegade with Crais.

She is taken back to Talyn, and when Aeryn has her back turned Xhalax breaks free with a knife that was concealed under her skin, and takes a booster to overcome Aeryn, Rygel and Stark, who were on Talyn at the time. She proceeds to go about severing Talyn's higher functions so that she can take him back to High Command. Xhalax is disgusted at her daughter's actions – Aeryn is a traitor, and Xhalax believes she is pathetic. When Aeryn mentions the night Xhalax came to her, Xhalax tells her that she was forced to pay for her actions, and explains that she had to kill Talyn to redeem herself.

Xhalax then attempts to retrieve Crais, but Aeryn manages to get free, and goes after her. In another jungle-based struggle, Aeryn tells her mother that her independence came from a woman she had only seen once, and that she is the part of Xhalax that wanted to be a rebel. Xhalax is shocked by Aeryn's words, and calls her an aberration. Following a struggle, with both Crichton and Crais involved, Xhalax has her own gun turned on her, and with the Colartas in her squad dead, she has lost. But Aeryn and Crais both realise the only way to stop Xhalax is to not let her live. Aeryn aims the gun at her mother, but Xhalax calls her a coward for not being able to pull the trigger, and says she will not lie or beg for her life – if they do not kill her she will hunt them down. Xhalax is clearly looking for a way out of the great pain she has suffered. But when Aeryn and Crichton leave Crais to do the shooting, Crais strikes a deal with Xhalax – he will let her live if she tells High Command they are dead. Xhalax agrees to his deal.

Later, Xhalax tracks Aeryn to a planet of mystics and seers called Valldon, where supposedly one can talk with the dead. Aeryn is hoping to talk with Crichton, who had recently passed away. Xhalax managed to buy the cooperation of many of the people frequenting the hotel Aeryn is staying at and they all participate in a mass-manipulation of Aeryn. Xhalax hires an alien, who claims to be Aeryn's father, Talyn. He is to get to know Aeryn and, in an attempt to inflict the same pain and suffering on her daughter as she has felt for so long, Xhalax would stage a killing of the Talyn impersonator in front of Aeryn. Xhalax pulls this off as planned, except that the killing of the Talyn impersonator isn't faked, it's real, though Aeryn reveals that she knew it wasn't the real Talyn from the moment she met him. Xhalax says that she blames Aeryn for everything, and wants her pain. She reveals that she was so close to love, and then lost it all in an instant, and she wanted Aeryn to know how it feels. She tells Aeryn of the choice High Command gave her, and how she made the choice out of her love for Aeryn.

Xhalax takes Aeryn onto the balcony of her hotel room, where she holds her daughter at gunpoint. She explains that she used to be a pilot before killing Talyn, but then High Command made her kill again and again, and eventually she stopped caring, but she knew that Aeryn's suffering would ease her pain, and it did. When it comes to pulling the trigger, Xhalax purposely misses twice; she cannot bring herself to kill the one remaining part of her. Just as Aeryn convinces her to put down the gun, Crais storms in to save Aeryn, and shoots Xhalax. Aeryn catches her mother in her arms, but Xhalax tells her to let go. She explains her pain - that she died a long time ago. In a final moment, Xhalax and Aeryn gaze into each other's eyes, and Xhalax tells Aeryn to live for her, and Aeryn lets her go.

Xhalax is finally relieved of all her pain and suffering, and with the burden of her life finally gone, she is fated to live on in the memory of her daughter.

Written by Dani Moure exclusively for this site, with help from Mary Wood.

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About Linda Cropper
Linda Cropper is an acclaimed Australian actress, having starred in a wide array of TV series, mini series and movies. Her TV credits include Palace of Dreams, Children of the Dragon and the hit Australian action series Water Rats. Other credits include the mini series' Body Surfer and Bordertown, TV movie The Hostages directed by Catherine Millar, the 1999 movie Passion alongside Claudia Karvan and Julia Blake, and Envy.

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