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Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis
The Interion debutante, stranded on Moya...

Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis first appeared in the episode Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 1:.

NOTE/SPOILERS: This profile is updated through to events in #10322 "Dog with Two Bones".

Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis, or Jool as Crichton nicknamed her, is an Interion with an attitude. She had just discovered a gem mine when she was caught by guards and sold to Grunchlk, the alien who kept bodies frozen just before death on the ice planet where Crichton had his neural chip removed. Her cousins had been waiting for her in the village, but got sick and were also sold.

It was on the ice planet that Crichton and the rest of Moya's crew found the frozen group of three Interions, and when the Diagnosan used one of them during the operation to restore Crichton's speech, John vowed to take the remaining two Interions along with them on Moya. Unfortunately, soon after, the male was accidentally released from his cryo-chamber and died within a matter of seconds before he could provide much information. Jool remained unaware of events, still in her cryo-chamber.

Shortly after, when Moya was fused with another ship, trapped in a wormhole, Rygel fiddled with the last chamber, and Jool awoke. Startled and confused, she discovers that she was frozen for twenty-two cycles. Left with little time to think or panic amidst the chaos of the current situation, Jool finds it difficult to adapt, and holds even more of a grudge after Rygel tells her the circumstances surrounding her cousin's death. Distraught, she blames John and attempts to kill him, but doesn't succeed when she fumbles the pulse pistol and receives the tongue from D'Argo. She is quickly forced to calm down and adapt as much as possible, and after being tied up for some time she is forced to keep an eye on the intruding alien Neeyala.

Initially, Jool finds it difficult to understand why the rest of the crew refuse to abandon Pilot and Moya and leave on Neeyala's ship, but soon she realises just how much a part of the family Moya and Pilot are. For a while, Jool was always considered something of an outcast among the crew; she always said or did the wrong thing at the wrong time, and, intentionally or not, managed to rub almost everyone up the wrong way.

When the crew was thrown back in time, Jool didn't exactly receive the best treatment. After arguing with Aeryn, she was pushed and shoved by D'Argo, and when she returned to Moya she and Chiana were not on the best of terms, with Chiana seeing her as somewhat selfish and self-centred.

When the crew is forced to land on a stranded Leviathan (for which Jool is blamed), she is once again placed in a violent environment. On her planet, there is no war, weapons or violence, so this continues to cause her distress. So upset with her current predicament, she takes a pulse pistol and attempts to kill herself. But much like everything else in her life at the moment, this doesn't go according to plan, and the pistol blast completely misses even from point blank range.

Still unadjusted to her environment, Jool begins to realise that she may be stuck on Moya for a little longer than she might have hoped. When the crew find an injured Talyn and Crais, Jool adopts the role of medic, putting her rich education to practical use for what appears to be the first time.

Though she continues to be a nuisance and easy scapegoat to the rest of the crew, when Crichton is twinned and the crew split in two, with half going to Talyn and the other half staying on Moya, Jool gradually begins to bond with those who stayed on Moya with her – D'Argo, Chiana, Pilot and one of the Crichtons. While she disagrees with Crichton on occasion, she also sees how obsessed he becomes with wormholes, and never afraid to speak up, she calls him on it every time.

Jool also grows close to D'Argo, who she seems to be able to connect with. When she is the cause of a problem on D'Argo's ship, which he blames on Crichton, and she admits it was her fault, he already knows, but she opens up to him. She knows she is a pain and that no one wants to spend time with her, but she thought that by spending some time on the ship, where he spends a lot of time alone, they might have something to talk about, because she likes him. D'Argo warms to this, and they gradually do begin to spend time with each other.

When the crew of Moya reunites with the crew of Talyn, and finds out about the death of the other Crichton, it takes a while for everyone to adjust, Jool included. Having only briefly met before, she helps Crais as they try to piece together an alien called a Boolite, when another group of escaped prisoners come on board. The group includes a Scarran called Naj Gil, whom Jool also warms to. They get to know each other, and when Moya meets up with a medical ship offering passage for Naj Gil, he invites Jool to come with him. Jool eventually agrees, but by the time she gets to the hangar Naj Gil is gone, and Talyn turns his guns on the medical ship, destroying it. Jool is particularly hit hard by this loss, as it's one that directly affects her. Given the lack of violence on her world, she finds it difficult to comprehend, and places part of the blame on Crais.

Over the passage of time Jool and Chiana form what can only be described as a sisterly relationship, in that while they bicker at each other every chance they get, they're there for each other when they need it. When Chiana begins having premonitions, and sees Jool in danger, it is she that tries to persuade Jool from leaving with Naj Gil, and when Jool refuses Chiana knocks her unconscious to stop her from going.

When the crew takes the plunge and collectively go to Scorpius' Command Carrier, Jool sees firsthand what Peacekeepers are really like for the first time. She thinks it must have been awful for Aeryn to grow up in this environment. She continues to confide in D'Argo, explaining her distrust for Scorpius, pondering if this may be where they die, and when the two are attacked by a Peacekeeper she is forced to get involved in the scuffle as she and D'Argo fight for their lives.

Even though she initially was unable to understand why Pilot and Moya meant so much to the crew, during the adventures of the Moya crew she grows extremely fond of Pilot. Indeed, when the crew complete their mission on the Command Carrier and they are deciding what to do, Pilot questions Jool as to whether she'll be leaving, and she is extremely upset at the thought that she and the others may be leaving Pilot behind.

Jool may at times come across as lacking compassion and understanding, but when the time comes she does come through. When Aeryn is preparing to leave, Jool spends some time with her while she's fixing her Prowler, and asks Aeryn if she still plans to leave to find a renegade ex-Peacekeeper unit. In her own way, she tries to make Aeryn realise what that could mean, telling her that in the short time she's known Aeryn, she's changed so much that she shouldn't go backwards, and assassinating people seems like doing just that.

When Moya decides to kill the rogue Leviathan stopping them from burying Talyn's remains, Jool shows that despite everything that has happened to her, she still remembers where she came from, by voicing her opinion that killing another living being is wrong. She attempts to appeal to D'Argo, but to little avail. Yet still, when the time comes and they bury Talyn, she shows her care for Chiana, being there for her and holding her at the difficult time, in an effort to comfort her in the best way she can.

Left on Moya with the mysterious Old Woman and Pilot, once everyone but them and John have left to pursue other things, she thinks it's a bad idea that John wants to go after Aeryn when he comms Pilot to get Moya to pursue her. However, before they can fully react to the situation, Moya is sucked through a wormhole that suddenly appears, with just Jool, the woman and Pilot on board, and their fate is unknown.

Though she may have a different personality from the rest of the crew, highly intelligent with a sassy attitude and never afraid to speak her mind, she has gradually become a part of the family. There is no doubt that she is beautiful, with long golden hair that turns read when she's extremely anxious, and a high pitched scream that can melt metal to a certain degree. She may not always say the right thing, or be the most likeable, but under her somewhat annoying exterior is someone who will always be there when her friends need her.

Written by Dani Moure exclusively for this site, with help from Mary Wood.

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