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Bialar Crais
The ex-Peacekeeper Captain, on the run and trying to find his place...

NOTE/SPOILERS: This profile is updated through to events in #10321 "Into the Lion's Den, Part 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing".

The Sebacean Bialar Crais was only young when his father called him and his younger brother, Tauvo, up to him, and told them the Peacekeeper recruiter was there to pick them up. Crais was told to stay close to Tauvo and to protect him, a promise Crais vowed to keep, before the two young boys were taken away.

Crais rose up through the Peacekeeper ranks, despite maintaining a hidden bitterness for being conscripted against his will, and soon made Captain. He was assigned a Command Carrier and managed to get his brother serving under him on it as well, to keep Tauvo by his side. He was highly thought of amongst his peers, and was head of a project to birth hybrid gunship offspring from enslaved Leviathans.

But Crais' life was turned upside down the day that John Crichton was shot through a wormhole. The prisoners aboard the Leviathan that Crais' Command Carrier was escorting broke free, and took over the ship. Tauvo was among the Prowler pilots attempting to get the situation under control, but during his flight Crichton's Farscape 1 module appeared in his flight path, and while both men tried to avoid the collision, Tauvo's Prowler caught on the Farscape 1 module and went crashing into nearby debris, and was totally destroyed. From that moment, Crais made it his mission to hunt down John Crichton to seek revenge for his brother.

When Crais quickly tracks the escaped prisoners to a commerce planet, one of his officers, Aeryn Sun, who was accidentally drawn in to Moya's escape, attempted to explain to him that she had spent a brief amount of time with John Crichton, and believed him when he said it was an accident. Crais went in the opposite direction, wanting Crichton's blood, and deemed Aeryn irreversibly contaminated; so she could never again return to the Peacekeepers. Though Aeryn and Crichton managed to escape from Crais' grasp and leave with the other prisoners on the Leviathan, Moya, Crais' hunt for Crichton continued to the point of obsession.

The next time Crais saw Crichton face to face, both had their judgement influenced by the alien Maldis, who thrives off hatred. Crais attempted to kill Crichton continuously, and his motivation of his promise to his father to protect Tauvo being broken was displayed via a projection from Maldis of the day that Tauvo and Bialar were conscripted for duty. This was a painful memory for Crais, and his confrontation with Crichton only increased his obsession. On returning to his Command Carrier his second in command informed him that he had been ordered to cease pursuit of the Leviathan and return to High Command for new orders. On finding that no one had yet contacted High Command, Crais killed his second in command and continued pursuit as if he had not received any word.

The appearance of Scorpius has a major affect on Crais, and the two in no way get along. When Scorpius became interested in Crichton and the wormhole knowledge hidden in the human's mind, Crais arrived on Scorpius' Gammak Base to take Crichton himself. It quickly became apparent that Crais had lost all control, as once Crichton was rescued by the rest of Moya's crew, Scorpius joined Crais on his Carrier. While Moya was in hiding, Rygel "defected" to the Command Carrier to sell out his shipmates for his own safety. But once Rygel realised Scorpius was in control, he knew he didn't stand a chance of survival. After a number of physical scuffles for power, Crais also realised he had little time left, and that Scorpius would be rid of him at the first opportunity. As such, he defected to Moya, and has held spite for Scorpius ever since.

Arriving on Moya, Crais received a less than stellar welcome. He was imprisoned, and while Crichton was standing guard, Crais finally admitted that he realises Crichton did not purposely kill Tauvo, and that he thought his pursuit was about Tauvo, but somewhere along the line it became about him. Finally having this burden lifted of his shoulders, Crais agrees to help the crew of Moya in their plan to destroy the Gammak Base. However, not willing to risk his own life on a plan he thought might fail, Crais escaped with Talyn into the asteroid field and out of his former Command Carrier's reach.

It wasn't long before Crais was forced to return, as Talyn had quickly stopped obeying his orders. In exchange for aiding the rescue of D'Argo and Crichton, Aeryn agreed to work with him and Moya to teach Talyn to obey his commands. Despite objections from Crichton in particular, over having Crais controlling Talyn, the gunship chooses Crais to receive the "hand of friendship" – a neural interface which directly links Talyn's systems to Crais. Crais soon kicks Aeryn off of Talyn, even though he knows she's not their enemy, and Talyn starbursts away.

Crais and Talyn remain away from Moya's crew for a long time, reappearing only for Crais to try and get help from Moya's crew to disarm Talyn, whom Crais feels is becoming evermore aggressive. However, when a group of aliens arrive to make a deal Talyn hastily reacts and destroys the ship before escaping, leaving Moya's crew to take responsibility for his actions. Crais clearly takes something of a father role with Talyn, and as such appears to try to do what's best for Talyn, and despite everyone's views of Crais, he never mistreats Talyn.

Crais and Aeryn's relationship is an interesting one. They have a history together, given that Aeryn served under him on his Command Carrier, and that he was the one that effectively forced her out of the Peacekeepers. It's also clear that Crais has feelings for Aeryn, even though he is aware of how she feels about Crichton. This is brought to the fore the next time Crais and Talyn meet up with the crew, when Talyn responds to Moya's distress call, as the crew prepare to rescue Crichton from the Shadow Depository. Aeryn asks Crais to help them in the rescue attempt, by using Talyn's firepower to their advantage. Crais at first refuses, still refusing to use Talyn for violent purposes, but Aeryn offers him anything he wants. Showing his own feelings, Crais takes that as Aeryn offering herself, but still refuses to help, and leaves with Talyn. This is short-lived though, as Talyn returns of his own accord, and Crais tells Aeryn that despite what they all want, Talyn has a warrior's instinct.

Crais and Talyn remain with Moya and the crew, as Talyn continues to aid in Moya's recovery process. But it becomes apparent that Crais has further plans to Aeryn. Crais proposes to Aeryn that she should join them, as Talyn needs guidance and Talyn chose her to help, but Aeryn can't answer before Crichton, who has been completely over-run by the Scorpius neural clone, escapes Moya and begins broadcasting a distress signal, revealing their location. Crais watches intensely as Aeryn engages Crichton in a dogfight over the ice planet, and soon plummets to her death at the Scorpius clone's hands. Crais is distraught at the loss of Aeryn, and he and Talyn are even more unhappy that they could not show her the contents of a datachip they have in their possession, as Crais believes it would have made her the happiest soul among them.

While Crichton undergoes his operation to have the neural clone removed, Crais remains on the planet, and it's there that he realises the extent of Crichton's pain, and in the process gains some respect for the human. Still holding hatred towards Scorpius for overthrowing him, and now even more so since Scorpius was to blame for Aeryn's death, when the opportunity for revenge arose when Scorpius, who was in hiding on the planet, apparently attempted to escape. Crais and Talyn began pursuit, and Crais assured Scorpius that it would only end in his death. Talyn did manage to catch the Prowler, destroy it and escape before entering range of the Command Carrier, but unbeknownst to them the Prowler was a decoy and Scorpius was still on the planet. But for the time being, Crais thought Aeryn had been avenged.

Shortly after their departure, Crais and Talyn ran in to some troubles. Moya responded to a distress signal from her son, and they were found with Talyn having taken extensive damage and Crais unconscious; they had been attacked by a Peacekeeper retrieval squad that was coming after Talyn. Crais awakes to find things not quite how he left – Aeryn is alive again (having been brought back to life by Zhaan, who is dead because of it), Jool is now a member of the crew, and Crichton has been twinned. Finally Crais, who is astonished when he finds Aeryn alive, can give her the datachip, which shows Aeryn being visited by her mother when she was but a child. As he hoped, this does make Aeryn extremely happy, but it's short-lived as he is forced to break to her the news that her mother, Xhalax Sun, is in charge of the retrieval squad that attacked Talyn. But that's not where it ends, as the retrieval squad is still tracking them, and when it's detected, to avoid them, both Talyn and Moya are forced to separate. At the time this takes place, Crais along with Aeryn, one of the Crichtons, Stark and Rygel are all on board Talyn.

Crais' jealousy of Crichton, and his relationship with Aeryn, soon comes to the fore in this enclosed environment. Talyn's DRDs are working around Crichton constantly, his showers are cold and he finds doors locked. Of course, Crais denies knowledge about this. When Rygel and Stark are away on recon, Talyn accidentally flies into the belly of a Budong, but the tension is not put aside while they work on freeing themselves. Crais and Crichton bicker like children, with Aeryn in the middle. A vidchip is left for Crichton to find, containing an image of Aeryn saying she'll do anything in exchange for Crais' help (in destroying the shadow depository), Crais asking if she's offering herself, and Crais and Aeryn having sex. The image of sex is falsified, but Crichton is unaware at the time. Coupled with Crais' offer for Aeryn to take a neural interface for Talyn, and her acceptance, Crichton is further alienated from Aeryn.

When Aeryn takes the interface, Crais teaches Aeryn how to use it, and as she warms to Talyn he seems to have managed to bring her closer to him. But this doesn't last long. When Crichton catches Crais trying to release some cables which will jeopardise their escape from the Budong, and Crichton tries to stop him, Talyn causes Crais great pain, which exposes legions all over Crais' body. Crais soon admits that, when Talyn is highly emotional, he manages to gain a degree of control over Crais. Later, Talyn spaces Crichton and attempts to keep him outside the ship. Aeryn immediately realises this through her interface, and tries to get Crais to stop Talyn and go back for Crichton. Crais says that there's nothing he can do, but Aeryn uncovers his lie and sees the truth – Crichton banging on one of Talyn's doors. Aeryn immediately blames him, as he has taught Talyn everything he knows. Aeryn manages to get Crichton in and explain that the image on the vidchip was a fake. Although the extent of Crais' influence over Talyn in this situation is unclear, it is clear that Talyn is getting his jealous feelings towards Crichton at least in part from Crais. As all this brings Crichton even closer to Aeryn, Crais is left ever alone.

When Talyn lands on a jungle planet to fully heal from his previous injuries, Crais is forced to endure his jealousy, and his loneliness is only exemplified by his knowing that Aeryn and Crichton are together. However, he has little time to dwell as Xhalax and her retrieval squad soon arrive. Crais, Crichton and Aeryn leave to act as decoys to keep the squad from Talyn, however during the fray, Aeryn is separated, leaving Crichton and Crais alone together. The pair of them manage to hide from the retrieval squad, although they have no way of navigating back to Talyn. It's during this time that the truth about the retrieval squad, and part of Crais' intentions, are revealed. Crichton realises that the squad was not only out to retrieve Talyn - they were also after Crais. Although Crichton makes Crais think he's setting him up for Xhalax's squad to find him, it's actually a trap and together he and Crais kill the remainder of the squad. Xhalax finds Crichton and Crais, but Aeryn manages to stop her from shooting him, and after a scuffle they have Xhalax cornered. It's at this time that Aeryn realises that if they let Xhalax live, she will only continue to hunt them down. Knowing Peacekeeper workings, Crais agrees, but refuses to let Aeryn be the one to kill her, and takes Aeryn's gun and sends them away so Aeryn doesn't have to witness it.

Despite firing shots to maintain the illusion of execution, instead, unbeknownst to the crew, Crais strikes a deal with Xhalax, knowing that if she dies High Command would only send a replacement, and offers her life in exchange for telling High Command that Talyn and crew are dead, to which Xhalax apparently agrees.

Soon after, Crais witnesses the death of the Crichton on Talyn, following an encounter with the Scarrans, and Crichton using wormhole technology to defeat them. In Crichton's final moments, Crais shows admiration towards him as he tells Crichton that his sacrifice does not go unnoticed, and Crichton tells him to find the better part of himself, and to look after the others, final words that Crais takes to heart. However, this turn of events leaves Aeryn in mourning, something that Crais has not witnessed before.

With Aeryn in pain, she makes her feelings towards Crais quite clear. When she visits a planet of mystics and seers to try to talk to Crichton and her dead father, Xhalax sets up a plot to fool Aeryn into thinking her father is alive. Seeing Xhalax on the planet, Stark and Rygel force Crais to tell the truth about keeping Xhalax alive, and although they don't believe him they choose to keep him alive as they have no other person to pilot Talyn in Aeryn's absence. Despite his lying to the crew, Crais' feelings towards Aeryn have never changed, but when Stark takes him to Aeryn, she approaches him, and knowing that both Stark and Crais have feelings for her, she brushes up against Crais and says she knows he always wanted her, and tells him to take her right now. Despite her current mental state, Crais is somewhat aroused by her proposal, until she tells him that if she closes her eyes tight enough, he could be someone else, referring to Crichton. Crais' pride suffers an obvious blow. He can no longer deny that Aeryn would never be with him, though his feelings and respect for her remains unchanged.

It is Crais who, in an attempt to save Aeryn from Xhalax, bursts into Aeryn's room and shoots Xhalax, unaware that moments before Aeryn had began to get through to her mother. Despite this action, Aeryn doesn't appear to hold a grudge against Crais, since her mother was finally allowed to be at peace in her death.

Finally, with the threat of the retrieval squad over, Talyn manages to track down Moya, and the two separate crews are reunited. When Talyn's crew first arrive back on Moya, it's Crais who reluctantly gives Crichton the news that his counterpart on Talyn is dead. Despite the problems they have had to work through, Crais takes no pleasure in this. But when Crichton declares his plan to go to Scorpius' Command Carrier to stop him once and for all, and Aeryn stands by his side, Crais is the only other to step up to the plate.

Over time, Crais had begun to realise how irrational Talyn was becoming, with his panic behaviour causing serious problems, and occasionally lives. He and the crew of Moya had decided to work through Talyn's problems, however while D'Argo and Rygel are away negotiating with Scorpius, a medical ship meets up with Moya to pick up an ex-prisoner Scarran who had been staying on Moya temporarily. When Peacekeepers arrived on the scene, Crais and the crew decide to use Talyn to destroy them, but when the medical ship moves away, Talyn panics and destroys it, along with over 600 beings on board. Shortly after, given that everyone is discussing the need to restrain Talyn, he turns and fires on Moya, his own mother. This is unfortunately the last straw, and despite his feelings for Talyn, Crais sees little choice than to suggest they give Talyn a full system replacement, even though that will essentially reset him – he'd be an all new, different Talyn. Aeryn manages to convince Talyn that this is the best thing for him given his irrational behaviour. Crais clearly has always seen Talyn as something of a son to him, and it's with a heavy heart and deep upset that he shuts Talyn down.

When the crew then arrive on the Command Carrier, Crais wants Scorpius to allow them to bring Talyn on board for the replacement, and with Crichton's backing for Talyn's sake, Scorpius agrees. On the Command Carrier, Crais is reunited with a former lover – Lt. Darinta Larell. She still seems to have feelings for him, and yet she is actually working for the Peacekeepers in an attempt to expose any plans Crais may have. Crais sees straight through her though, and although he plays along, her motives are clear. He does tell her that he wishes he'd brought her along with him when he left, although she admits she wouldn't have gone.

With the crew's predicament on the Carrier going from bad to worse, they decide that the only way to continue is to destroy the Carrier, and Scorpius' wormhole research with it. But a Command Carrier can't be destroyed by throwing switches, they need something big, and Crais knows what he can do. As a diversion, Crais uses his reputation to his advantage, by going to Scorpius and exposing the crew's plan to destroy the Carrier. However, this is only so he, Aeryn and Crichton can get on with the plan. Crichton of course is sceptical, as Crais' exposition causes the rest of the crew to be locked up, but in a rare occasion, Crais opens up. All he cared for are gone, his parents were taken away and his brother is dead, all he does now and lives for are in his own interests. But even he understands the power of the wormhole technology, having witnessed its power. As such, he knows the horror that will wash over the galaxy if anyone wields it. But he is the only one that can stop it. He will board Talyn, and Talyn will starburst inside the Carrier, causing it to implode. However, as a result, this will be the warrior's death that Talyn deserves; both of them will die.

The plan is in motion, and after preparations are complete, Crais and Aeryn say goodbye. Crais boards Talyn, and tells him not to be afraid, for to save everyone, they must do something radical. This is finally Crais' opportunity to exact revenge on Scorpius for his overthrowing. To ensure he gets his message across, Crais speaks to Scorpius on a ship-wide channel, telling Scorpius that he stole his command from him; stole his life from him. Last time he was forced to leave, but this time he will not be leaving quietly. Having said goodbye to Aeryn, and made his feelings clear to Scorpius, Crais gives Talyn the command to Starburst, exacting his revenge.

Crais never wanted to be a Peacekeeper, he had no choice in the matter. He had always resented that, and as such the thought of choosing to be a Peacekeeper, like Scorpius did, disgusted him. In the time since he was forced out of his command, with the help of Aeryn, he realised that Peacekeepers could be more, and so could he, were they given the chance. But Crais was finally able to do something for someone else, even if it finally allowed for his revenge – to give Talyn, something he cares for, the end he deserves, and more than anything he had ever done, that showed that he could be more.

Written by Dani Moure exclusively for this site, with help from Mary Wood.

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About Lani Tupu
Lani Tupu was born Lani John Tupu on 4th November 1964 in Wellington, New Zealand. He has starred in many shows including TV series Marlin Bay, and upcoming show Marshall Law, with notable guest appearances on Mission: Impossible, Time Trax, Water Rats and The Lost World. Film credits include The Punisher and Send a Gorilla. Lani Tupu was also a founding member of the Walkers and Talkers theatre group in Australia, and has extensive theatre credits in over 40 stage productions, including The Tempest, which toured Australia. Tupu also works as an acting coach, running workshops in Sydney, Australia. He has received many awards nominations for his work, and in 1993 he won the Best Dramatic Performance award at the New Zealand Film Television Awards.

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